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WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday called for Scott Gottlieb, who resigned as commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration in April, to leave Pfizer’s board of directors.

In a letter, the Massachusetts Democrat applauded Gottlieb’s tenure at FDA but suggested his decision to join the drug giant “smacks of corruption.”

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  • Sen Warren just moved up a notch in my search for a “If not Trump, Who?” candidate.
    (I had been impressed with Tulsi Gabbard until I was able to find out her positions other than foreign policy and realized she is merely Bernie Sanders in drag.)
    It was extremely refreshing to hear a democrat presidential candidate talk about corruption in the federal oversight agencies, especially when it involves the pharmaceutical industry.
    You remember Scott Gottlieb, the head of the FDA that ran to congress to whine about the states that were not joining the “mandate all vaccines” frenzy. Then in the middle of the Senate Circus, in March, he suddenly resigned his position stating family considerations. In June he accepted a position on the board of Pfizer. $$$ Surprise!

  • She’s a total anti capitalist jerk. She should resign.
    See today’s WSJ opinion on this.

    Please Resign. Sincerely, Elizabeth Warren
    The Senator shows again how much she dislikes the private economy.”

    “Democrats used to at least try to conceal their contempt for the private economy, but open hostility is now a political tactic. This week’s example is a broadside from Elizabeth Warren on a former Trump Administration official who dared to resume his career after leaving government.”
    “None of this is about the merits. The presidential candidate wants to disqualify anyone from serving in government unless they’re public-interest lawyers or have spent years camping out at progressive groups like Public Citizen. The outrage over “revolving doors” is absent for, say, Democrats who moved between environmental groups and the Obama Administration.”

    • It is definitely a conflict of interest when the head of a regulatory agency is rewarded with a lucrative position with a company he has been charged with overseeing. This was also true when Julie Gerberding resigned as director of the CDC to accept the position as the president of Merck’s vaccine division. Merck rewarded Gerberding with a $2.5 million salary and over $30 million in stock options for many years of boosting vaccine sales while working at the CDC. It was during Gerberding’s reign as director that senior researching, Dr William Thompson, disclosed that he and other authors had committed fraud in a CDC study as ordered by their superiors at the CDC. Thompson is still working at the CDC and is protected by whistleblower laws.
      This was disclosed in 2014 and Florida Representative Bill Polsey pleaded with congress to open an investigation into regulatory corruption at the CDC and FDA and subpoena Dr Thompson. To date, congress has done nothing. $$$

  • This move smacks of “corruption”??? This is coming from someone who claimed she was an “American Indian” on her law school applications… She who lives in glass houses should not throw stones !!!!

  • Does Senator Warren also propose a four year limit on senators who when they leave office take jobs on aerospace boards ang airline boards and any board that they were overseeing or is this a what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander I think we know the answer

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