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WASHINGTON — Ahead of a 2020 race already focused on health care, President Trump is boasting that his administration played a huge role in achieving the first annual drop in overdose deaths in three decades. The drop, he crowed recently, is “tremendous.”

But behind the scenes, his administration’s efforts to address the opioid crisis are increasingly contentious. Two federal agencies are feuding over how to classify certain drugs too dangerous for public consumption. And in the two-plus years since his inauguration, his White House has yet to nominate a leader for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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  • Taking prescriptions away from legacy pain patients is doing more harm than good and destroying what little quality of life so many of us in need of help once had. So many unnecessary deaths, so many alive but not, so many suffering due to greed, power struggles and games being played with our lives. As a chronic pain patient you now are left with three options… Be outright miserable, kill yourself or turn to street drugs that’s it no more choices now and the last choice is likely suicide as well now that coincidentally as the government acts on pain medication the way they have the street drugs coincidentally get tainted with powder Fentanyl at the exact same time. Bravo government bravo make sure you continue to turn a blind eye to the street level problems and continue to cause collateral damage to the easy targets “pain patients” in your one sided war on opioids as you have caused more pain and suffering than you can possibly conceive or will ever admit to. Congratulations on toppling the Taliban and restoring the world’s heroin supplies to levels in which nobody has never seen “see the production charts the timeline and pictures of troops guarding those poppies” while spewing and persuading the general public into believing your actually doing something whorthwhile at the same time it’s fascinating to watch you at work to say the very least!

  • “But even ardent advocates of controlling drug supply cannot square the president’s rhetoric with his failure to appoint an official best equipped to do so. Asked about the DEA vacancy, a White House spokesman told STAT”.
    Hmmm. Do you think it might have something to do with the absolute Shit-Storm the Democrats stir up when he appoints anyone to anything?
    Really, I’m sick of this politicizing of everything. Ugh. First of all, let’s look at the CDC’s panel that wrote the guidelines: There wasn’t a single pain specialist on that panel, but they did have two attorneys whose practices are largely comprised of suing pharmaceutical companies. Now, let’s look at Trump’s “advisors” (meaning the CDC): their statistics do not even differentiate between overdoses from legally prescribed drugs and overdoses from street drugs! And worse, They don’t see why that would matter before unleashing their “guidelines” on patients!
    Trump just can’t be blame for this whole mess! LOTS OF PEOPLE & AGENCIES had a hand in this.

  • It would be great if we could just blame Trump. But, as a disabled person, I have to say that the CDC did more damage to disabled patients than ANYONE by issuing their guidelines, then issuing a far too passive clarification of those guidelines. And I think the CDC, all doctors who jumped to dump patients, etc., are to blame for 1) refusing to acknowledge that disabled patients may need special guidelines from the general population, and 2) being completely indifferent to the vast suffering they caused.
    Medical patients are DOCTORS’ responsibility. They owe their patients more than just jumping to save their own rears. The CDC is responsible for the welfare of the nation. It’s abundantly clear that a significant number of vulnerable patients have been harmed by their guidelines & that harm has not been addressed with their soft-pedaled “clarification”—they owe this nation a better response than that.
    And the DEA? They have single handedly terrorized & intimidated doctors AND patients who only CRIME was needing pain medication to endure their lives, & the doctors who were trying to help them do that.
    And guess what? NONE OF THIS has addressed illegal drug use or smuggling, which account for over HALF of all overdoses.
    Good job, Idiots!

  • President trump seems to be getting alot of bad information from his drug czar and people in his administration responsible for helping with this opioid epidemic. To say they are unqualified would be an understatement. It would be a good thing if someone could talk to him about it and have him clean house of all those inept people. I’m sure he would correct it. To many pain patients are suffering because of it.

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