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SAN FRANCISCO — In front of a crowd of techies packed into a planetarium, Elon Musk strode out on stage, waxed philosophical about achieving symbiosis with artificial intelligence, and made his latest ambitious pronouncement in a career that’s been full of them: His startup Neuralink has developed technology meant to be implanted into the brain that’s designed to allow people to operate computers and smartphones with their thoughts.

With some early animal testing under its belt, Neuralink wants to start human testing of its so-called “brain-machine interface” in paralyzed patients by the end of next year. Notably, the startup has yet to convince the Food and Drug Administration to allow it do so, said Musk, who has tangled with regulators over his other companies Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company. 

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  • Despite the fact that his disciples aptly manage to build whatever he dreams up, this is just another techno stunt by an autistic billionaire who absolutely craves attention. Certainly not my type.

  • Sounds like a wonderful breakthrough for these people! Using technology to help, not to harm or maliciously intrude, is the way to go!!
    Thank you again Elon!

    • Using pseudo-scientific technobabble to raise false hopes of the sick and disabled and to raise more money for his ponzi conglomerate is despicable.

  • If you actually have a brain then you will know that Musk is neither a rocket surgeon nor a brain scientist.
    He is P T Barnum with a lobotomy.
    A bumbling buffoon.

    As Charlie Brown would say….. “Oh GOOD GRIEF!”

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