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WASHINGTON — The Senate Finance Committee’s new bipartisan drug pricing package has the potential to change Medicare more dramatically than almost any piece of health care policy in the last 20 years. But with that big of an overhaul comes even bigger questions.

The package, which was unveiled Tuesday, fundamentally reworks the complicated scheme used to split Medicare drug costs between the government, patients, insurers, and drug makers. It caps how much Medicare patients can pay out of pocket for drugs each year, and it imposes strict limits on how much drug makers can hike their prices.


The proposal has won praise from a number of Washington’s loudest drug pricing advocates, from Public Citizen to Patients for Affordable Drugs, along with a number of academics.

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  • I do not want to have the federal government to decide what they want for us to get for our personal life experiences with our physicians who are not allowed to decide what to do about our privacy issues our own health care issues, especially with the current administration who has not been our best choice for anything that they have less than our once great health care organization for the majority of the citizens of our nation.

    In opinion and the opinion of the majority of the citizens of our nation do not want this administration to do one more thing for their benefit, and not for our benefit.

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