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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced a formal but preliminary plan Wednesday to allow Americans to import certain lower-cost drugs from Canada.

The plan puts most of the onus on state governments, which would have to come up with a proposal for safe importation and submit it for federal approval. Wholesalers and pharmacies could also submit plans.

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  • I have bought drugs from Canada almost my whole adult life since I only live 10 miles from Quebec Canada. Not once did I receive anything but drugs that worked as they’re suppose to and at 1/3 the cost. The US pharmacies are crying the blues and trying to dissuade people with this because it means they’ll lose business. Too bad for them. Now they have competition finally. It’s not likely Canada is going to allow substandard drugs in their country because it’s a socialist system and this would surely cause problems. The drugs are just as good but the greed and that stupid middle man bull shit is gone too. Why the hell do they need a middle man position other than to make more money and spread it around. It should be available direct to pharmacies from the manufacturers. This alone could lower drug prices. And then quit advertising drugs you can only get if your doctor gives them to you. Why pay millions to advertise something your typical patient can’t buy without a prescription? Why? Because it’s a tax write-off for them. No more. Eliminate this BS.

  • Now, remember…It was the US that put sanctions on some Canadian products, So, paybacks are what??? Let them get their own insulin supply themselves!!! If not, look for shortage in the Canadian market! BDS the US until they play nice again!!! Sarc.

  • “The plan is likely to be staunchly opposed by the pharmaceutical industry, which has insisted importation of drugs is unnecessarily dangerous.” You know what else is dangerous? Not having ****ing insulin.

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