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Why did Novartis keep its scandal to itself? Who knew what and when? And is there such thing as too much Peloton time?

We discuss all that and more on the latest episode of “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. We went all Novartis this week, explaining the shocking news that the Swiss pharma giant submitted falsified data to the FDA and then waited three months to inform regulators. We discuss what we know, what remains unanswered, the implications for Novartis’s corporate rebrand, and why this was awkward timing for Vas Narasimhan, the company’s ascendant CEO.

For more on what we cover, here’s the news on the data; here’s the company’s reaction; and here’s what it means for Narasimhan.


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  • Nothing to see here folks, it won’t change anything. We are seeing these huge corporate criminals get away with this kind of thing time and again. The FDA has been strategically underfunded for years and no longer capable of enforcing laws or regulations. It is really clear the only objective is profit and covering for corporate crimes. What will be interesting is how this corporation will get a nice write up in formerly credible appearing publications.

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