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MANCHESTER, N.H. — The contrast between the two Trump rallies was striking: At one event here in the first primary state in 2016, President Trump railed against the pharmaceutical industry for more than two full minutes — an eternity for one topic in a campaign speech.

Forcefully vowing to reject their donations and pledging to empower Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices to save both voters and the federal government billions, Trump declared: “We’re going to save so much money and those drug companies are going to hate me so much.” 


But when he came back to Manchester last week as president, Trump devoted just 25 seconds to drug prices in a speech that ran an hour and a half, parroting a debunked claim that his policies have caused the largest decline in drug prices in over 50 years.

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  • My favorite part of how insane republican voters are to consistently vote against their self interest due to fear mongering fox news and politicians.
    “Renee Marcantel, 52, of Pittsfield, Mass., is about as connected to health care as a Trump supporter can be: She’s a nurse, has multiple sclerosis, and has watched her mother struggle with the high cost of insulin. She ranked health care as her second most important issue behind immigration.”

    Yes, I have MS, work in healthcare, my mom can’t afford medication. But those immigrants are the real problem here, that’s my number one concern in all this…

  • I can tell you one thing, I’ll bet Alex Azar is frustrated with President Trump. Mr. Azar was the CEO of Eli Lilly
    for many years, he knows where the problem with drug pricing is. President Trump made it crystal clear in
    his Rose Garden speech of May 2018. The president said very clearly that he was going to get rid of the middlemen , THE PBM’s !!! The drug rebates , which is extortion to have a manufacturer’s drug be put on formulary. The DIR fees, that will put every independent pharmacy and every supermarket pharmacy out of business. Then again at the time of that speech Dan Best was alive and working closely with Alex Azar. Dan Best was a high executive who worked for CVS/CAREMARK, he had left that job and started working with Alex Azar on lowering drug prices. A lobbyist for PCMA had said ” Dan Best can tell congress where the bodies are berried. ” Dan Best was found dead soon afterwards of supposed suicide due to blunt trauma to the head. Seems very strange to me.
    Drug prices will NOT go down unless the president drains the swamp of the PBM’s. DOJ allowed these mega mergers of CVS/CAREMARK and Aetna along with allowing the merger of Express Scripts and Cigna. Now these mega corporations have got every angle covered! They are the insurance company, then they are the middleman that decides how much the pharmacy gets paid,how much big pharma gets extorted for and what a patients co-pay is.And by the way, they are the pharmacy, the specialty pharmacy, and the mandatory mail order pharmacy. They are protected by the government to steal from the government. Why would the Attorney General’s from 31 states be looking into the fleecing of billions of dollars by the PBM’s.
    Unfortunately President Trump cares about one thing. Winning the 2020 election! Period !!! I would imagine the PBM’s
    gave a very generous donation thru one of their Pac’s to the Trump reelection. After all The PBM’s are showing 60 BILLION
    in profits EVERY QUARTER !!!!!!!!!
    The sad thing is that Alex Azar knows this, but he will never say anything against President Trump. There are more and more pharmacies closing every week . Walgreens just said that they are closing 200 stores in this country! You could be sure the PBM’s are behind below cost payments which is forcing them to close these stores.

    • After all The PBM’s are showing 60 BILLION in profits EVERY QUARTER !!!!!!!!!

      OweBama (D) was worth $1.7MM in 2007. Now, it is $140MM.

      Duh. Duh.

      USA has been subsidizing global medicine for 50+ years. That day is over .. Europe .. Canada .. Japan ..

  • using drug pricing initiatives as a metric is deeply flawed.
    When it comes to empty promises, Trump is unquestionably number one.
    You should try with actual regulations proven to be effective, instead.
    like, drug prices in ads, even if they should go in to effect, their contribution in lowering drug prices will be pretty much zero. At most, some initial emotional outrage.

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