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WASHINGTON — Top pharmaceutical CEOs have targeted a small group of Republican senators with roughly $200,000 in campaign donations in the past year, according to a STAT review of campaign finance disclosures.

The focus on Congress comes as drug executives are holding back on donations to presidential candidates. No major industry executive has contributed to a Democratic presidential contender or President Trump’s reelection campaign, according to the review. Only one — David Ricks, the CEO of the Indiana-based drugmaker Eli Lilly — has given to a committee associated with Vice President Mike Pence, who once served as Indiana’s governor.

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  • CORRUPTION !! This huge cost of buying of Senators support (Republican or Democratic, it does not matter) by the Big Pharma industry is directly causing the high drug pricing in the US. The money has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is those suffering pain and disease. Not exactly a lofty situation, most certainly not for a “civilized” nation. Make lobbying illegal !! and a whole lot of backroom-deals and huge costs disappear. If the US really cares about drug costs THIS is what needs to done !!!!

  • I thought you would name more Dems in this story. You chose to name only Republicans mainly. I am not impressed because I know there has to be more than two Dems involved in all of this sad greed.

  • Our family is having to pay 150.00 per month for a generic medication that was first created by Eli Lilly. And, the price we are paying is not for Insulin. Why is Eli Lilly allowed to create such exorbitant pricing for middle-class familes to help offset the reduced pricing for those who qualify for the lilycares program as well help to fund Eli Lilly’s community overseas outreach program. No longer can the middle class be expected to finance Elil Lilly’s lilycares, philanthropic as well as the exorbitant salaries of the CEOs. My challenge is now official: Who is going to have the courage to crack down on medication pricing? Who is going to have the courage to bring medication manufacturing back to America so that we are not held hostage by overseas manufacturing?

  • I’m sure PCMA didn’t contribute a dime to any 2020 politician !!!! What happened to President
    Trump’s rose garden speech about the middlemen ? The PBM’s that in his words were making billions of dollars. He went on saying “We don’t need them” Now he pulled the plug on Drug Rebates? It just seems odd.

  • Posted the following on Twitter.

    FOR SALE FOR SALE! Highest bidder stop here! Bids start at $500,000.00 per year. Will have to declare to public.

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