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Vivek Ramaswamy, the hedge fund manager turned biotech entrepreneur, was so confident he could make money from pharma drug castoffs, he named his new venture Roivant Sciences — the “Roi” being shorthand for return on investment.

Turns out, Ramaswamy meant his return on investment. Outside investors in Ramaswamy’s publicly traded “Vant” spinoffs are still waiting for their share.

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  • I’d love to read Feuerstein’s articles and do whenever they make it into the Globe. His is an important beat and he makes it accessible and exciting, particularly for someone who’s daughter is in the business. But I’m retired and living on a fixed budget and can’t pay ever columnist I like to read. Subscriptions to the Globe, Times, and WSJ will have to suffice. I’ll buy Firestone tires because I need to get around but not Feuerstein articles on a piecemeal basis. Can we make a deal?

  • This is hilarious, they have no idea what they arw doing. He hired his brother, straight out of med school and gave him a Vice President position. Now Chief Business Officer.

    Do they not get biotech news in Japan?

  • I noticed this guy back in 2016 and his wannabe viagra tactics…as a research scientist it blows my mind how supposed investors are falling for this. Anyhows, I’m going to go back to making therapeutics now #lesshypejustdata

  • Did he actually create a drug ? Or is he one those profiting from someone else’s creation ? Hard work ?

  • What the heck, how is this guy still a thing? If sumitomo did an ounce of due diligence, they would know to stay away from his smoke and mirrors tricks. 3 billion? Also just for “his” controlling stake? If anybody wants to give up their controlling stake in anything, you have to be extra careful. These BD guys at Sumitomo need to get their heads checked. They also need more money cause they’re cash position an’t 3b big. Truly pisses me off seeing a Japanese company getting the short end of the stick.

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