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SAN FRANCISCO — Apple on Tuesday announced that it’s launching three research studies that will assess the Apple Watch’s capabilities in monitoring women’s medical conditions, hearing health, and mobility signals like heart rate and walking pace.

It’s the latest sign of Apple’s rising profile and ambition as a player in medical research — centered around a consumer gadget that has yet to demonstrate that it offers widespread health benefits for individuals or the population at large.

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  • So, once again we have a major tech giant ‘listening’ to everything. This time under the guise of advancing medicine.

  • The revenue potential is down the line. If this can eventually be designated as a qualified health device, people would be able to use HSA dollars to purchase one. That would be quite the inflow of cash.

  • Yes, I am not buying it. Forwarding and presenting people’s testimonials is making indirect claims. As always, slippery slope marketing for Apple is in action again!

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