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As beachgoers soaked up the sun on a balmy August day in Ocean City, Md., single-engine planes circled above trailing banners hawking seafood deals, happy hour specials, and in one case, a plea: “CUT DRUG PRICES NOW,” the sprawling streamer begged in block letters.

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  • Excellent feedback from all the readers out there. The problem we have is the lack of education regarding why the price of drugs are so high in America. Total transparency is necessary to see where the money is really going. We have a player in this ball game that thrives on smoke and mirrors to steal billions of dollars from every American. These players are the
    PBM’s. Please go to ,
    Most people that read and respond to articles written on this great website are medically educated and will see the light. PBM’s are the cancer that are the cause of the high price of drugs.
    There is a reason why the Attorney
    General’s from 31 states are Looking into the greedy activities of the PBM’s.

  • Without entering the debate as to motives of AARP, one cannot deny the fact that the Rx industry is beyond out of control and, unless they choose to do a better job of self management, external controls must be imposed upon them. The amount of profit in this industry is embarrassing as can be witnessed through reading a number of books as well as the personal/professional experience related to me by a former colleague that now works for a PBM. As he says, it’s all a big Shell game.

  • “bashing big business with a righteous indignation that could surprise activists decades younger and positioning AARP as the drug industry’s primary opponent.”

    You’re thinking of seniors like my mother (b. 1943). The boomers (who don’t have white hair; they HIGHLIGHT) are leading this protest, and they’ve forgotten more about changing the status quo than their children and grandchildren will ever learn. They did, after all, bring down a war (one that was many times more profitable than today’s pharmaceutical industry). And they played a vital role facing down a deeply entrenched white establishment to help get civil rights legislation passed.

    Significantly, the boomer activists accomplished these things without the enormous economic power they wield today. The AARP will fall in line with their priorities soon enough. The pharmaceutical giants will learn the same lessons that LBJ, Henry Kissinger, Nixon, George Wallace and all the other “giants” of their time took to their graves: Don’t underestimate the power of this enormous and determined generation that has reshaped the world since birth.

    p.s. I am (obviously) not a baby boomer. Just a Gen X’er hoping the old hippies will keep fighting as long as they can. My generation is too small and will never accumulate enough wealth to take on gorillas. Our goals are more modest: think curbside recycling and getting more people of color on TV shows.

  • The AARP seems a strong organization with solid goals for getting drug prices lowere, countering Big Pharma paid Lobbyists that in essence are hard-core high-paid criminals. That politicians can be bought one way or the other is utterly corrupt. To consider to just walz into a friendly neighbour country and leech off the decades of hard work and piles of taxes paid for lower drug prices by that neighbouring countries’ citizens is disgustingly selfish and short-sighted of the AARP. No matter how lofty their goals: this is a prime example of American Greed.

  • We should require disclosure of conflicts of interest and neutral fact checking on all sides of the drug cost issue. The spin is muting the substance and delaying a plausible solution.

  • If my prescriptions were any cheaper,
    They would have to give them to me for free. Private insurance provided through my employer

  • I don’t understand why I’m not hearing about the Non-standardization, and dangerous quality issues. I know I’m not the only one who has returned 4 different types of Medications beginning for the first time in my life with the former Administration. Of all things, Medications and Misrepresentation, Inauthentic, and with dangerous side effects. Placebos with Side Effects

  • It’s important to note that health plans, including Medicare Part Cs and D plans, are regulated similar to public utilities. They must have a Medical Loss Ratio of 85%, so profits are limited by law. Price/premium increases for insurers are reviewed and sometimes rejected. So pharma’s attacks on an industry where prices and profits are already regulated just highlights the fact that pharma is the only part of the healthcare ecosystem that has no limits or bounds on their pricing behavior.

    • We’ve spent 4 of the last 5 years traversing this beautiful country in our RV. When driving around many towns and noting new construction, it was, more often than not a new hospital or clinic. We KNOW where the money is.

  • AARP is the National leader in protection for people over 50. They side with the people and only look political depending on the issue. The ACA and MAPD has helped millions deal with medical coverage. Hospitals and big pharma are on the run as they price gouge everything whenever they can.

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