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WASHINGTON — The fate of Nancy Pelosi’s sweeping drug pricing bill rests in the hands of lawmakers who received more campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry than almost all other Democrats, according to a STAT review of campaign finance records.

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  • Dems need to win Florida & Pennsylvania, and keep the other 2016 Blue States. Obama won those states, twice, and even North Carolina in 2008. A candidate can’t be President without FL given the spread of Blue/Red in the other states, and need to get 1-2 from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania. It’s that simple, and hard. And if the Squad drives Dem policy with illegal unaccompanied minors from Central America, FREE Medicare for All, LGBT rights instead of doing something the elimination of 60 years of civil rights progress, the Voting Bloc of “Anyone But Hillary” will again come for Trump in 2020 in FL and PA.

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