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What do we talk about when we talk about “vape”? Are there limits to business of DNA testing? And how hard is it to get yourself CRISPR’d?

We discuss all that and more on the latest episode of “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First, STAT’s Megan Thielking joins us to break down a major week of news in the world of vaping, with mounting safety concerns, regulatory crackdowns, and a high-profile resignation. Then, we discuss 23andMe’s latest business venture and what it says about the evolving world of consumer genetic testing. Finally, STAT’s Sharon Begley stops by to relate the story of a desperate patient seeking off-the-books genome editing and its implications for the future of medical research.

For more on what we talk about, here’s the latest on vaping illness; here’s the news on Juul; here’s more on 23andMe; and here’s the story on that CRISPR call-out.


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