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WASHINGTON — President Trump is set to nominate Dr. Stephen Hahn to lead the Food and Drug Administration, pending completion of the vetting process, according to two people familiar with the selection process.

Hahn, an oncologist, is the chief medical executive at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Trump interviewed him for the job a month ago. A third person familiar with the White House’s thinking confirmed that Hahn remained the frontrunner and that the administration was completing paperwork and final background checks.

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    • I don’t really think so unless there is some money in it for Dr. Hahn. You know as well as any right-minded thinking individual that Trump will pick people only loyal to him and with no concern to the general public. So don’t get your hopes up too high with regards to FDA policy. Only things will get approved if Dr. Hahn will get paid from big Pharma to look the other way and approve something future drug.

  • Since he’s an oncologist, then maybe he can show the leadership needed to put an end to the withholding of pain analgesics from cancer patients by government overreach, and the insurance companies, PBMS, and pharmacies that have followed suit deputizing themselves as DEA ancillaries. It wasn’t enough to have the former AMA president tell of her metastatic patient have her prescription rejected at the pharmacy counter, followed by her patient going home to attempt suicide. Today on a major news cable network one of the hosts angrily described having to scream down the phone trying to obtain adequate pain control for her elderly mother who is dying from lung cancer spread to her bones. 115.5 million citizens, a full one-third of the U.S. population is age 50 and older. And they vote. They will never ever ever accept what amounts to Civil War field hospital medical care, where people die in agony, children watch their parents suffer and die in agony, just like they will not accept early disability and being forced out of the workforce due to the refusal of the government to allow doctors to manage painful diseases and injuries with routine standard pain care. The 2.5Million high-impact pain of cancer survivors who want to return to work but are house- or bedbound from the government’s refusal to allow doctors to treat pain in medically necessary cases also need an advocate at the federal level. As human rights and human suffering is not enough to change course, even as opioid overdose deaths rise and rise some more because the killer is illegal street drugs, and the failure of the current policy is not enough to change course, then perhaps someone somewhere can be that leader we need to restore sanity, and help the DEA refocus their jobs from playing with Excel spreadsheets of MME data from oncology practices in safe offices and get their backsides in the streets to fight illegal drugs instead.

  • Reporting on the political donations of the person to head FDA seems fair. Don’t think Hamburg or Califf’s political donations were reported. Did they (and spouses) have any political donation history?

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