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WASHINGTON — It’s on the lips of every presidential candidate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and even President Trump: It’s time to lower drug prices. And yet when Congress passed a drug pricing bill last week that will save the government $3 billion — the first it’s passed in nearly a year — no one really noticed.

You can’t blame them: There was no press conference from the bill sponsors, no snarky reaction from the drug industry, virtually no press release from any of the advocacy organizations that champ at the bit to weigh in on every twist and turn of the ongoing drug pricing debate in Washington. Even Trump, who has been eager to show his progress on lowering the costs of drugs, didn’t hold a signing ceremony for the bill.

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  • SMH !!!! (Shaking my head) for those that don’t know what that mean. You know who’s going to be the
    big winners here? The PBM’s ! There are literally 100’s of articles telling how the PBM’s are ripping off
    every american, the Federal Medicare program and every states Medicaid program, yet there was not
    one mention of the PBM’s and their spread Pricing or the billions they’re making on DIR fees or GER fees. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the new law will save the government $3.1 billion over 10 years. If these new laws would have included all the money the PBM’s stole that figure would have been $31 billion over 10 years !! PBM’s don’t like change, and they got exactly what they wanted.
    Very sad……… SMH !!!

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