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The Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved a once-daily pill for sickle cell disease that works in an entirely new way — by boosting hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying molecule found in red blood cells.

The novel drug was developed by the biotech firm Global Blood Therapeutics and will be sold under the brand name Oxbryta. The drug’s approval came three months earlier than expected.

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  • Thank you for keeping us inform, how can we get for the Dominican Republic?
    Warm Regards,
    Angela Mercado
    MPH 2020
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  • I have a sickle child 9 years she is now on hydroxcurea 500mg daily. How long will take the medicine? Is there anything to cure the disease? For now i am giving her dates and milk juice daily and her Haemoglobin is 11.5

  • If it really does make oxygen bind more tightly to hemoglobin, it sounds like just what is needed (in combination with inhaled oxygen) for immediate treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning in the general population. Something like an epi-pen, but with this drug instead.

    • I think that is very unlikely that a solid oral dose would be used for that acute situation. I have not read any information about this drugs PK profile but I think it much more likely it works over the course of weeks.

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