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WASHINGTON — Republicans on Monday are set to accelerate Capitol Hill’s drug pricing chaos with a new proposal to lower the cost of prescription medicines, according to a summary document obtained by STAT. It’s intended to compete with a Democratic package from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that is expected to come up for a vote this week.

The Republican lawmakers’ new proposal includes a collection of bipartisan proposals collectively rebranded as the “Lower Costs, More Cures Act.” The House bill, according to Republican aides, is a “good-faith effort” to overcome partisan drug pricing squabbles, and includes a number of provisions that could conceivably become law before the end of 2019.

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  • And the PBM’s still go UNDER THE RADAR OF OUR LEGISLATORS !!!!!!
    I don’t get it, Unless our legislators pass laws to govern the PBM’s , drug prices
    will never go down ! PBM’s are the reason for high drug prices !!! I guess
    contributions talks and bullshit walks !!!!

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