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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration released two highly anticipated policy documents Wednesday that, if finalized, would facilitate the importation of cheaper drugs from abroad — though both represent early first steps toward that goal.

The drafts create two pathways for importation. One would let states, drug wholesalers, or pharmacies apply to import certain drugs from Canada, pending a sign-off from the Department of Health and Human Services. A second would let drug makers import their own products sold in other countries.


Both must still undergo a formal regulatory review, a process that can take months or even longer. But the administration insists it is moving as fast as the law will allow.

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  • It is completely un-cooth to buy out-of-country medicine for US citizens. This madness is no solution – it is a cheap, quick, very short-lasting non-fix. The supply in that far less populated country will run dry in half a year. Result is rightfully pissed off neigbours, with likely drug shortage fatalities for which the US fully deserves the blame. And what’s next? Buying drugs from other countries where there is no quality control?? This milking the neighbour’s fruit of hard work and totally different politics with a tax-money supported drug supply is NOT a solution. It is an un-worthy selfish attitude with still / again NO improvement in our own house. Stupid move !!!

  • American leeches should keep their paws off of the fruits of countries where higher taxes, and the absence of lobbyists / PBMs / greedy insurers, and god only knows how much hard work has resulted in lower drug prices. Americans wanting those benefits should FIRST pay far higher taxes, and ditch the creeps and corrupt health politics and politicians whose votes can be outright bought !!! The selfish American attitude of just wanting to pluck a neighbour, without even as much as asking if it’s ok, is NOT OK !!! Stay away !

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