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WASHINGTON — Lawmakers of all stripes made an agreement the day following the midterm elections last November: While they might not agree on much, they would work together to lower prescription drug prices.

The message came from Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker-in-waiting; Mitch McConnell, the Senate’s Republican majority leader; and from President Trump. All agreed: Even in a deeply polarized Washington, drug pricing would top the 2019 agenda.

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  • Well everybody is upset that nothing was done regarding lowering drug prices. I can tell you one group that is happy that nothing was done ! The PBM’s !!! They would love for things to stay like this. There are no laws governing them and they can and do whatever they want to do! Their cash cow keeps pumping out billions in profits for them. The only one’s that are really getting hurt are the American people and the independent pharmacies across the country. I can tell you one thing, no one will have to hear about independent pharmacies very shortly…. That’s because they
    will ALL BE OUT OF BUSINESS VERY SOON. Because no one gives a shit !!!!!!

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