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WASHINGTON — After a grueling, decadelong fight, President Trump last month signed a new law that aims to help lower drug prices — the first substantial piece of legislation on that issue that’s made it to his desk.

But the bill’s yearslong struggle to make it to the president’s desk highlights a jarring reality in Washington: Even when a drug pricing bill is relatively straightforward and bolstered by broad bipartisan support, even when hospitals, insurers, doctors and patient groups all back it, even when nearly everyone in Washington wants to lower drug prices, it takes years to get anything done. 

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  • Economics 101 is a simple concept , allow competition. Competition will lower prices. The problem
    is that there is a middleman that doesn’t let this happen. These middlemen are called PBM’s.
    PBM’s are, and will always be the reason for high drug prices. PBM’s have virtually NO laws that govern
    them. As long as PBM’s are free to do as they please without any consequences the fleecing of America will continue. They have one concern, their profits. Transparency is nonexistent , They actually claim
    that their hidden price schedule is proprietary ! I guess the Maffia should have used that bull shit line
    when the U.S Attorney locked them up for all the illegal activity they did!
    PBM’s are the wolf that watches the hen house. The sick thing about it is that they are getting away with it. The 3 biggest PBM’s control 85% of every prescription filled in this country, and they steal from every
    possible angle along the drug chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer. Now that D.O.J allowed
    Aetna,Cigna and Humana to buy the 3 largest PBM’s they have full vertical control of the health sistem.
    Yes ladies and gentleman WE ARE ALL SCREWED !!!!!!!

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