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We,the undersigned leaders in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, academia, and life science investors, recognize that at this pivotal moment in the history of our industry we are at the dawn of a golden age of medicine. We will soon have the ability to treat and cure diseases that have long been untreatable and incurable.

Our industry is unique. We save, extend, and enhance lives by alleviating the scourge of disease. Our mission is to change the course of each individual’s life for the better. To achieve this, we acknowledge that we have a moral obligation to develop the best medicines and ensure that every person who may benefit has access to them.

We need to ensure that we act with the highest integrity and corporate responsibility — always putting the interests of patients first.


To fulfill our obligations to patients and to renew trust and confidence in how we deliver on our mission, each of us affirms this New Commitment to Patients, informed by the following core principles and actions:

Ensure Access

  • The pricing of our medicines at launch will reflect innovation and value to patients, and we commit to achieve broad patient access.
  • We believe in growing our businesses with sustainable innovation, and any price increases on our medicines must be reasonable and guided by the need for uninterrupted patient access.
  • To achieve the goal of patient access, we will collaborate with policymakers, pharmacy benefit managers, payers, and providers to find ways to limit or eliminate copays and deductibles for all patients.
  • We will support generic and biosimilar approvals of safe and effective medicines after legitimate patent and regulatory protections expire.
  • We will seek to collaborate with all key parties in the health care system, including all biopharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, payers, hospitals, pharmacies, distributors, and policymakers, to ensure that all patients get access to the medicines they need.

Act with Integrity and Responsibility

  • We support only ethical business practices that drive innovation, competition, and patient choice.
  • We will invest only in novel therapies that address unmet patient needs.
  • We commit to patient advocacy in how we build and operate our companies, and to connecting directly with patients and their families.
  • We will speak out about and not tolerate companies and other stakeholders who abuse this commitment to patients, and who abuse policies aimed at fairly rewarding innovation.

By supporting this New Commitment to Patients, we express our conviction that we must develop medicines with patients as our primary concern. We are confident that in doing so we will best serve the interests of patients, their caregivers, and health care providers, as well as those of our shareholders and society at large.


Co-authors* (listed alphabetically):

John Crowley, J.D., Chairman and CEO, Amicus Therapeutics, Cranbury, NJ

Paul Hastings, CEO, Nkarta Therapeutics, South San Francisco, CA

Rachel King, CEO, GlycoMimetics, Inc., Rockville, MD

Jeremy Levin, D.Phil., M.B. B.Chir., Chairman and CEO, Ovid Therapeutics, New York, NY

Ted Love, M.D., CEO, Global Blood Therapeutics, South San Francisco, CA

John Maraganore, Ph.D., CEO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Cosigners* (listed alphabetically)

Chris Adams, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Cydan II Inc, Cambridge, MA

Bonnie Anderson, Chairman and CEO, Veracyte, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Armando Anido, Chairman and CEO, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Devon, PA

Christopher R. Anzalone, Ph.D., President and CEO, Arrowhead Pharma, Pasadena, CA

Mara G. Aspinall, CEO, Health Catalysts Group, Tuscon, AZ

James E. Audia, Visiting Scholar, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Fouad Azzam, Ph.D., Board Member and Venture Capitalist, Nkarta Therapeutics, South San Francisco CA and Weston, MA

Martin Babler, President and CEO, Principia Biopharma Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Michael P. Bailey, President and CEO, AVEO Oncology, Cambridge, MA

Stephane Bancel, CEO, Moderna Inc., Cambridge, MA

Christiana Bardon, Portfolio Manager, Burrage Capital, Boston, MA

Peter Barrett, Partner, Atlas Venture, Cambridge, MA

Charles M. Baum, M.D., President and CEO, Mirati Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

Franklin M. Berger, Managing Director, FMB Research, New York, NY

Nessan Bermingham, Ph.D., President and CEO, Triplet Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Jeffrey Bird, M.D., Managing Director, Bluebird Ventures, Palo Alto, CA

Kevin Bitterman, Partner, Atlas Venture, Cambridge, MA

Lynn D. Bleil, Member of the Board of Directors, Amicus Therapeutics, Alcon, Sonova, AG, Stericycle, Salt Lake City, UT

Robert Blum, President and CEO, Cytokinetics, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Michael Bonney, Member of the Board of Directors, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Magenta, Boston, MA

Bruce Booth, Partner, Atlas Venture, Cambridge, MA

Katrine S. Bosley, Chairman of the Board, Arrakis Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Marina Bozilenko, Managing Director, William Blair and Company, Boston, MA

Daniel Bradbury, Chairman and CEO, Equillium, Inc., La Jolla, CA

Steven K. Brauer, Chairman, Salus Discovery, San Diego, CA

Laura A. Brege, Member of the Board of Directors, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Dynavax, Acadia Pharmaceuticals, and Mirum Pharmaceuticals, Valley, CA

John P. Butler, President and CEO, Akebia Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Brook Byers, Partner, Kleiner Perkins, Menlo Park, CA

Barry J. Byrne, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, University of Florida, Gainsville, FL

George Church, Professor, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Chip Clark, President and CEO, Genocea, Cambridge, MA

Nathalie Clement, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pedicatrics, University of Florida, Gainsville, FL

Ron Cohen, M.D., President and CEO, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc., Ardsley, NY

Charles L. Cooney, Robert T. Haslam Professor of Biochemical Engineering, Emeritus, Massachusetts Institue of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Manuela Corti, PT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pedicatrics, University of Florida, Gainsville, FL

Bernard Coulie, President and CEO, Pliant Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA

Gerald F. Cox, M.D., Staff Physician in Genetics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Alan Crane, Entrepreneur Partner, Polaris Partners, Boston, MA

Roger Crystal, M.D., CEO, Opiant , Santa Monica, CA

Sally J. Curley, CEO, CGIR, LLC, Savannah, GA

Daniel A. de Boer, CEO, ProQR Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Steven R. Deitcher, M.D., President, CEO, Radimmune Therapeutics, Inc., San Mateo, CA

Thomas J. DesRosie, EVP, Chief Legal Officer, Seres Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Douglas Doerfler, Founder, President and CEO, MaxCyte, Inc., Gaithersburg, MA

Ashley Dombkowski, Ph.D., CEO and Co-founder, Alladapt Immunotherapeutics, Inc., Menlo Park, CA

Daniel Dornbusch, CEO, Exision Bio Therapeutics, Oakland, CA

Dipal Doshi, CEO, Entrada Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Richard H. Douglas, Chairman of the Board, Aldeyra Therapeutics, Southborough, MA

Steve Elms, Managing Partner, Aisling Capital LLC, New York, NY

Stephen H. Embury, M.D., Founder, CEO and Chairman, Vanguard Therapeutics, Inc., Half Moon Bay, CA

Mark J. Enyedy, President and CEO, ImmunoGen, Inc., Boston, MA

David R. Epstein, Managing Director, Remedii LLC, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Robert Essner, Executive Chairman, Elucida Oncology, Sarasota, FL

Alan Ezekowitz, CEO, Abide Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

Douglas Fambrough, President and CEO, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, MA

Stephen J. Farr, Ph.D., President and CEO, Zogenix, Inc., Emeryville, CA

Wainwright Fishburn, Global Head, Digital Health, Vice Chair, Path Institute, San Diego, CA

Alexandria Forbes, CEO, MeiraGTx, New York, NY

JF Formela, Partner, Atlas Venture, Cambridge, MA

Kaye Foster, Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group, San Mateo, CA

Jackie Fouse, CEO, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Frederick Frank, Chairman, Evolution Life Science Partners, New York, NY

Martin Friedman, Managing Member, Pharmakon Advisors, LP, New York, NY

Nicholas Galakatos, Ph.D., Head, Blackstone Life Sciences, Cambridge, MA

Ilan Ganot, Founder, President and CEO, Solid Biosciences, Cambridge, MA

Jason Gardner, CEO and President, Magenta Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Scott Garland, President and CEO, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Corte Madera, CA

Georges Gemayel, Independent Board Member, Sudbury, MA

James A. Geraghty, Chairman, Orchard Therapeutics, Boston, MA

David V. Goeddel, Managing Partner, The Column Group, San Francisco, CA

Mark A. Goldberg, M.D., Member of the Board of Directors, Blueprint Medicines, Cambridge, MA

Robert  J. Gould, Ph.D., President and CEO, Fulcrum Therapeutics, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Kurt Graves, Chairman, President and CEO, Intarcia Therapeutics, Boston, MA

David Grayzel, Partner, Atlas Venture, Cambridge, MA

Barry Green, President, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA

Yvonne Greenstreet, COO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Philaelphia, PA

Sheila Gujrathi, M.D., President and CEO, Gossamer Bio, San Diego, CA

John Hagan, CEO, Regulus, La Jolla, CA

David Hallal, Chairman and CEO, ElevateBio and AlloVir, Cambridge, MA

Faheem Hasnain, Chairman, Gossamer Bio and Mirati Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

John E. Hawkins, Author, “Conscience & Courage,” Charlottesville, VA

Russell Herndon, CEO, MediSix Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Richard Heyman, Ph.D., Chairman and Co-founder, ORIC Pharmaceutical, San Diego, CA

Steven H. Holtzman, CEO, Decibel Therapeutics, Boston, MA

Wende Hutton, General Partner, Canaan Partners, Menlo Park, CA

Douglas S. Ingram, President and CEO, Sarepta Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Steven P. James, President and CEO, PIONYR Immunotherapeutics, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

John H. Johnson, CEO, Melinta Therapeutics, FL

Kevin Judice, CEO, DiCE Molecules, Half Moon Bay, CA

Emil Kakkis, M.D., President, CEO and Founder, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Novato, CA

Johanne Kaplan, Chief Development Officer, ProMIS Neurosciences, Cambridge, MA

Perry Karsen, Chair, Board of Directors, Jounce Therapeutics and Intellia Therapeutics, Palo Alto, CA

Edward M. Kaye, M.D., CEO, Stoke Therapeutics, Bedford, MA

Laurie Keating, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Nina Kjellson, General Partner, Canaan, Sausalito, CA

Marc Kozin, Independent Board Member, Naples, FL

Samarth Kulkarni, Ph.D., CEO, CRISPR Therapeutics AG, Cambridge, MA

Neil Kumar, CEO, BridgeBio Pharma and Eidos Therapeutics, Palo Alto, CA

Lou Lange, M.D., Former Chairman and CEO, CV Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA

Robert Langer, Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Donna L. LaVoie, CEO, LaVoieHealthScience, Boston, MA

Jeff Leerink, CEO, SVBLeerink, Boston, MA

Nick Leschly, Chief, Bluebird Bio, Cambridge, MA

Mark Levin, Partner, Third Rock Ventures, Boston, MA

Christine Lindenboom, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Winchester, MA

Patrick Lu, Ph.D., President and CEO, Sirnaomics, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

Nagesh Mahanthappa, CEO and President, Scholar Rock, Cambridge, MA

Ram Mandalam, CEO and President, Cellerant Therapeutics, San Carlos, CA

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairperson, Biocon Ltd, New York, NY

James McArthur, Ph.D., Founder and President, R&D Cydan Inc & Founder and Director Imara Inc, Cambridge, MA

Geoff McDonough, M.D., President and CEO, Generation Bio, Cambridge, MA

David J. McLachlan, Former VP Finance, Genzyme Corp, Former Corporate Director, Dyax Corp, Chelmsford, MA

Dick Meijer, CEO, RareM.D. Inc, Carlsbad, CA

Steven J. Mento, Ph.D., President and CEO, Conatus Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA

Garry Menzel, Ph.D., President and CEO, TCR Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Jim Meyers, Member of the Board of Directors, Sangamo Therapeutics, Hillsborough, CA

Rachel Meyers, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Third Rock Ventures, Newton, MA

Jill C. Milne, Ph.D., President and CEO, Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA

Kenneth I. Moch, President and CEO, Cognition Therapeutics, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Brett Monia, CEO, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Carlsbad, CA

Bob More, Partner, Alta Partners, Seattle, WA

Scott W. Morrison, Board Member and Advisor, Ernst & Young, Hillsborough, CA

Briggs W. Morrison, M.D., CEO, Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Waltham, MA

Robert Mulroy, President and CEO, Partner Therapeutics, Inc., Lexington, MA

Amit D. Munshi, Director, President & CEO Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc., San Diego, CA

Mark Murcko, Chief Scientific Officer, Dewpoint Therapeutics, Holliston, MA

Mike Narachi, President and CEO, CODA Biotherapeutics, Santa Barbara, CA

Amir Nashat, Managing Partner, Polaris Partners, Boston, MA

William J. Newell, CEO, Sutro Biopharma, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Steven Nichtberger, M.D., Chairman and CEO, Cabaletta Bio, Philadelphia, PA

Bernat Olle, CEO, Vedanta Biosciences, Inc., Cambridge, MA

John E. Osborn, Venture Partner, BioVentures MedTech Funds, Wellesley, MA

Julia C. Owens, Ph.D., President and CEO, Milendo Therapeutics, Ann Arbor, MI

Paris Panayiotopoulos, Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Life Sciences, Cambridge, MA

Stelios Papadopoulos, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors, Biogen, Inc., Exelixis, Inc., Regulus Therapeutics, Inc., Great Neck, NY

Stewart Parker, Chairman, ARM Foundation for Cell and Gene Medicine, Principal, Parker BioConsulting, Chapel Hill, NC

Kush M. Parmar, Managing Partner, 5AM Ventures, Boston, MA

Brian J G Pereira, CEO, Visterra, Inc., Waltham, MA

Mark Perry, Independent Director, Global Blood Therapeutics and Chair, MyoKardia, Inc., Mill Valley, CA

Cary G. Pfeffer, M.D., Partner, Third Rock Ventures, Lexington, MA

William J. Polvino, M.D., CEO, Bridge Medicines, Jacob S. Lasdon House, New York, NY

Richard Pops, Chairman and CEO, Alkermes PLC, Dublin, Ireland

Mark Pruzanski, M.D., President and CEO, Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc, New York, NY

Dennis J. Purcell, Founder, Aisling Capital LLC, Rye, NY

David E.I. Pyott, Member of the Board of Directors, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Michael G. Raab, President and CEO, Ardelyx, Inc., Fremont, CA

Paula Ragan, CEO, X4 Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cambridge, MA

Amit Rakhit, M.D., President and CMO, Ovid Therapeutics, New York, NY

Bill Rastetter, Chairman, Neurocrine Biosciences and Fate Therapeutics and Dare Bioscience, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Jigar Raythatha, President and CEO, Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Laurence Reid, Entrepreneur in Residence, Third Rock Ventures, Cambridge, MA

Ron Renaud, CEO, Translate Bio, Lexington, MA

Hollings Renton, Member of the Board of Directors, Portola Pharmaceuticals, AnaptysBio and Zymeworks, Bend, Oregon

Jason Rhodes, Partner, Atlas Venture, Cambridge, MA

Michael Richman, President and CEO, NextCure, Inc., Beltsville, MD

Chris E. Rivera, Chairman and CEO, Emulate Therapeutics, Inc., Seattle, WA

Howard Robin, President and CEO, Nektar Therapeutics, San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Rooijen, M.D., CEO, Dynacure, Strasbourg, France

William J. Rutter, Chairman and CEO, Synergenics, LLC, San Francisco, CA

James Sapirstein, President and CEO, AzurRx BioPharma, Delary Beach, FL

Glenn Sblendorio, President and CEO, iVeric Bio Inc., New York, NY

George Scangos, Ph.D., CEO, Vir Bio, SanFrancisco, CA

John A. Scarlett, M.D., Chairman and CEO Geron Corporation, Menlo Park, CA

Drew Schiff, Managing Partner, Aisling Capital LLC, New York, NY

Hans Schikan, PharmD, Former CEO Prosena, CoFounder & Board Member, Pharvaris, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stuart L. Schreiber, Ph.D., Loeb Professor, Harvard University, Boston, MA

Amy Schulman, Managing Partner, Polaris Partners, New York, NY

Paul Sekhri, President and CEO, eGenesis, Inc., New York, NY

Alpna Seth, CEO and President, Proneurotech, San Francisco, CA

Eric Shaff, President and CEO, Seres Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Stephen A. Sherwin, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF, San Francisco, CA

Jay M. Short, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO, Co-founder, BioAlta, San Diego, CA

Mark Simon, Co-founder, Torreya Parters, New York NY

Nancy Simonian, CEO, Syros Pharmaceuticals, Wayland, MA

Vikas Sinha, CFO, ElevateBio and AlloVir, Boston, MA

Moncef Slaoui, Partner, Medicxi Venture Capital Firm, Gladwyne, PA

Julie Anne Smith, President and CEO, E-Scape Bio, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Erika R. Smith, CEO, ReNetX Bio, Inc., New Haven, CT

Jean-Pierre Sommadossi, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, Atea Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Boston, MA

Paula Soteropoulos, Member of the Board of Directors, uniQure (former CEO Akcea Therapeutics), Boston, MA

Harald F. Stock, Ph.D., Co-founder, CognifiSense, Inc., Park City, UT

Clifford J. Stocks, CEO, OncoResponse Inc., Seattle, WA

Markus Stoffel, Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

David Stump, M.D., Member of the Board of Directors, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Macrogenics, and REGENXBIO, Potomac, MD

Marshall Summar, M.D., Director, Rare Disease Institute, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC

Mary T. Szela, CEO, TriSalus Life Sciences, Westminister, CO

Robert Tepper, M.D., Partner, Third Rock Ventures, Weston, MA

Mark Timney, CEO, The Medicines Company, Parsippany, NJ

Matthew C. Tindall, Co-founder, President and CEO, Flightpath Biosciences, Inc., Berkeley, CA

Praveen Tipirneni, CEO, Morphic Therapeutic, Lexington, MA

Andre Turenne, CEO, Voyager Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA

Arthur Tzianabos, Ph.D., President and CEO, Homology Medicines, Inc., Bedford, MA

Rogerio Vivaldi, M.D., President and CEO, Sigilon Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Alan Walts, Executive Chairman, Artax Biopharma, Charlestown, MA

Neil Warma, CEO/General Manager, I-Mab Biopharma U.S., Rockville, MD

Gregory T. Went, Ph.D., Founder, Strategic Advisor, Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Independent Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Wendell Wierenga, Ph.D., Chairman, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc., San Diego, CA

Eugene Williams, Executive Chairman, ProMIS Neurosciences, Cambridge, MA

Douglas E. Williams, Ph.D., President and CEO, Codiak BioSciences, Cambridge, MA

Matt Wilsey, CEO, Grace Science, LLC, San Francisco, CA

James M. Wilson, M.D., Rose H Weiss Professor and Director of the Orphan Disease Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philaelphia, PA

Rick Winningham, Chairman and CEO, Theravance BioPharma, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

Peter Wirth, Chairman, Syros Pharmaceuticals, Inc; FORMA Therapeutics Holdings, Inc, Boston, MA

Ward Wolff, Member of the Board of Directors, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Calithera Biosciences and Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Greenbrae, CA

Kleanthis G. Xanthopoulos, President and CEO, IRRAS, San Diego, CA

Angie You, CEO, Amunix Pharmaceuticals, Mountain View, CA

Bradford Zakes, President and CEO/BIO Board Member, Cerevast Medical, Inc., Bothell, WA

Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., Emeritus Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Sandy Zweifach, Chairman, Palladio Bioscience, Inc., Sausalito, CA

* The signatures above do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of the agencies, organizations, employers, or companies with which the signers are affiliated.

  • Sarpeta already charges up to $2M per year for a drug that they advertise at $300K that has not yet moved beyond conditional approval that has questionable efficacy and questionable IPR with undisclosed NIH funding.

    It is lunacy that Sarepta was allowed to sign on to such an agreement.

  • “I trust everyone except those who tell me they are trustworthy.”

  • This is a first courageous declaration of solidarity and societal responsibility across all innovators to remind ourselves that patients and their families are our main source of inspiration. No patient should be left behind . We are all part of the solution to provide access to the most needy patients.

  • The only thing pharma is committing to here is “reasonable” price increases. All else is either wishful thinking or not in their power to deliver.
    How are you all going to hold one another accountable for these “Commitments”? What are you going to publish?

  • Sounds good. Now let’s see you make it happen. A lack of specifics here mean it’s going to be hard to hold any signees accountable for much of anything, and what would be the penalty be if one should veer off the straight and narrow path? Name removal from a list? Pharma had a great reputation back in the 50’s and 60’s, then took the next 50 years to drive that straight into the ground. Being a monopoly business means that profits didn’t suffer at all as a result of the too-numerous-to-mention scandals over the past half century. Straighten up and fly right!

  • Customers over profits. Easy to communicate but harder to deliver. Unless boards reorient executive compensation to achieving customer value metrics ahead of profit. Who’s willing to go first?

    • Simple answer here , the Government isn’t getting their “cut” , alcohol kills almost twice as many people as all of the legal & illegal drugs COMBINED ! But the Government gets LOTS of tax dollars from those folks . In the over 50 year old plus group it is a fact that only 1.7 % of overdose deaths were tied to prescription drugs , there is no “OPIOID CRSIS ” . Please don’t place us responsible users of prescription medication with stupid people who just want to get “high” & who have in lots of cases never undergone a single surgery , or have any medical problem whatsoever , it may sound crass , but I say let them remove themselves from the gene pool , as there are to many people on this planet to begin with .

  • It is very informative message to all investors and our scientific communities. In lifescience field people not more aware about latest therapy and eradication technology.

  • “…find ways to limit or eliminate copays and deductibles for all patients.”

    I would not take it for granted that this is desirable. Someone eventually has to pay, and the more times money changes hands, the more people skim and distort.

    Should we subsidize aspirin for billionaires? Take that silly example and slide the scale to where it becomes tough to decide.

  • This is a really important acknowledgement of the crucial need to empower the entire healthcare community to put patients and caregivers first when making business decisions. We plan to share this with our clients and patient organization partners to encourage their participation. Please add us to the growing list of supporters! Kindest regards, Rx4good

    • I don’t think the US has any problem putting caregivers first. Quite the opposite in fact…

    • Family caregivers represent the largest pool of unpaid health workers in the US at 43.5 million. In Alzheimer’s and other neuro-cognitive diseases and in rare diseases, these family members put their lives on hold to care for a loved one and become citizen scientists, medical under-studies in an effort to help the patient and physician to maintain quality of life for the patient. They often lack any benefits for this role and they suffer health and workplace challenges as a result. We need to be more attuned to their role and its importance — and provide needed support.

    • No worries. That’s one of the challenges of the term — many people don’t know who it refers to.

  • How about bringing medications back to the US for safety reasons and proper oversight?

    • Do you mean manufacturing? This would raise drug prices quite substantially. As it stands, drug contamination is very rare.

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