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WASHINGTON — Until Tuesday, nearly every single Democratic primary debate has focused on the same health care issue: “Medicare for All.”

So when Democrats got the chance to talk about their plans to lower drug prices, they jumped. Candidates uniformly criticized drug companies as examples of corporate irresponsibility and outsize political influence.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), in particular, doubled down on a pledge to lower drug prices on her first day as president, using executive action to make it easier for generic drug makers to move in on brand-name drugs that were created using federally funded research.

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  • Not one of these candidates mentioned the PBM’s. I don’t get it. The Attorney General’s from 38 states are looking into the where all this money going to the PBM’s is going.
    The federal Medicare and half of this countries state Medicaid systems got fleeced out of
    billions of dollars, yet not one of these candidates mention the PBM’s.
    The fact of the matter is that unless the PBM’s are governed, drug prices will never go down!

  • We can always count on CNN to repeat fox news talking points, and site like this to report on it as thousands of dead Americans are just good business. Sanders is the only one who has not taken any industry money so the only one who can view any of this objectively. Our media has been lying to Americans about all of this, in fact many lives will be saved by Medicare For All.
    It is too little too late to discuss “drug prices” with a corrupt administrations and medical sites like this , and the rest of corporate media all protecting the grifters, crooks and liars, more Americans will die and be driven to poverty and despair.

    There is only one agenda here, protecting industry profits while Americans die, horrible deaths.

    • Medical sites like this just tell the facts as they are! I do agree with you thou, that the whole legislature administration is corrupt.President Trump made a speech back in May talking about the drug rebates
      and how the middlemen (The PBM’s) are stealing all this money and how he planned on going after them.
      Then a few months later he made an announcement that he was “pulling the plug” on looking into the
      PBM’s and the drug rebates. I wonder how much PCMA contributed to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

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