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As public health officials try to gauge the threat posed by a new virus that emerged in China, they are trying to answer a lot of key questions. One of them is this: How easy is it for the virus to spread?

Is the virus, known as 2019-nCov, mostly jumping from some animal source to people, with limited ability to transmit among humans? Or has it acquired the skill to spread easily from person to person?


Here’s a video explaining the difference between limited and efficient human-to-human spread and why it matters.

    • Some scientists are saying that it cannot be eradicated anymore since it had spread to too many people and too many countries.

      They say it will stay with the world like common cold and flu. That the virus now self sustaining.

      Blame that Wang Guangfa, a respiratory specialist from Peking University First Hospital in Beijing, who said that there is no human to human transmission and that it is under control.

      His stupid advised contributed to China wasting the golden window to control the virus. Yet he seems to go ahead and not suffer any consequence aside from getting infected himself. One wonder how many patience he had killed with his incompetence.

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