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WASHINGTON — President Obama had an Ebola “czar.’’ George W. Bush and Clinton had AIDS czars. So as the outbreak from China spreads, some lawmakers and public health experts say that an obvious step is for President Trump to appoint a White House-level coordinator, a coronavirus “czar.’’

What works best, they said, is to have a quarterback who has both the ear of the president and the backing to corral the sprawling federal agencies that would respond to an epidemic.

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  • Seems like only yesterday when Trump exploded with rage on Twitter over the fact that OBAMA somehow let 2 cases of Ebola spread into the US. (look it up) Well, we are at 12 cases of coronovirus and counting. I’m sure the epidemiologists from the CDC will be thrilled to get Trumps sage advice. How will he pick people for this committee? Will he like the sound of their names, too? He is just so brilliant. Ask any uneducated autocrat wanna be. They will tell you.

  • I like the idea of a committee better than a czar. This way everyone voice can be heard by Trump.

    With a czar, some voices may be filtered. I don’t embraced the idea of a czar, the president should be able to pick the people he wants on the committee.

  • There is no merit in personalized sarcasm towards this very sensible and logical committee approach that is stacked with public health experts. This preventative measure is fully warranted by the potential global spread of a virus that kills and for which there is no antidote or vaccine. Ant this approach is infinitely better than any notion of a “Trump Czar”.

  • The Trump White House’s purpose in this is to have the committee make recommendations “to the White House”. Who will make decisions? Miller? Mulvaney? God forbid, Trump himself? We’ll never know. No accountability. No competence.

    • No worries, It is predictable that regardess of any advice he gets frm the committee, Trump would place a direct call to Presdient Xi to review the advice for personal advice then follow it!

    • John Chu,

      You are blinded by your hatred you are starting to sound like a rabid dog. Your comments made no sense.

      Didn’t Trump make a trade deal favorable to the US with China. And did be just impost travel ban upon the advised of committee.

      You need to go to psychiatrist. It is not good to go on in life with so much hate that it is hindering your sound reasoning. Not sure if you have Trump or you hate Xi. You can Trump as Trump as XI as President Xi, are you from HongKong or mainland China?

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