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WASHINGTON — President Trump’s brief remarks on drug pricing during Tuesday’s State of the Union address appeared uncontroversial: Congress, he said, should pass a bipartisan drug pricing bill.

Democrats, however, came armed with a surprisingly strong response: From the back of the House chamber, dozens of lawmakers stood, held up three fingers, and unleashed a three-syllable chant: “H.R. 3.”


The agitators included Democratic Reps. Donna Shalala (Fla.), Annie Kuster (N.H.), Lisa Blunt Rochester (Del.), Dan Kildee (Mich.), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), and Cheri Bustos (Ill.), the chair of House Democrats’ campaign arm. The acronym they chanted was easy to translate: They were touting House Resolution 3, the aggressive bill Democrats passed in December that would allow Medicare to directly negotiate the price of up to 250 drugs, saving the program as much as $350 billion per year.

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  • The combination of greed, and ignorance, coupled with an administration willing to lie, cheat and steal, will not bring down prescription drugs prices. It is very clear that we need to join the rest of the civilized world and do a Medicare For All program. This country has been going the wrong way on healthcare, and monetizing despair. Healthcare will only get more expensive, when they can let Americans die and suffer for a profit, and pay off our politicians. The regulatory agencies no longer function in any capacity, even though deceptive industry funded spin lies to make it appear that any regulation is too onerous.

    The only real “innovation” they re protecting is the manufacture of prescription drugs in dirty factors overseas, extending patents, price fixing and market manipulation. The criminal activities are no longer illegal, they are just good business.

  • Nancy Pelosi tore the President State of the Union speech. I am astounded by the lack of respect that Nancy Pelosi had shown for the State of the Union speech. I think this is the first time it happened.

    Someone in the Democratic party please make Nancy Pelosi resign before she destroys the party. Whether it is a Republican or Democratic giving the State of the Union, respect must be given to the the sitting president.

    Such disgusting action of Nancy Pelosi does non befit a speaker of the House. Those who voted for her for the speakership needs to be voted out. Many years ago, I read in the news that when she was speaker of the house, those who opposed her does not get committee chair position. Why does San Francisco keep on giving us this despicable politician who does not even know how to respect the State of the Union. I don’t want her to set precedence that anyone can just disrespect the State of Union. Even if we assume the content of the speech is trash, such action is still not befitting a speaker of the House.

    What a disappointment how low the Democratic Party had fallen. It is copying the Republican during Bush time.

    • @ Paul, news outlet were saying it was not clear whether he saw Pelosi extended her hand as he turned away very fast. I saw the unedited clip and I wasn’t sure he noticed the extended hand.

      Given that he saw the extended hand, Pelosi, proving her political viciousness, launch an impeachment that originated from Joe Biden and his son conflict of interest while Joe Biden was VP. That impeachment came at the very bad time too when we are having a pandemic. Trump who does not act like a politician in some cases, is understandable that he will not shake that hand. That did not disrespect the State of the Union, it was more a personal something between him and Pelosi.

      But Nancy Pelosi, a politician inside and out, disrespected the State of the Union by tearing the speech paper. She was also displaying different facial expression and looking here and there and not paying attention to the speech. She is an OLD GRANDMA, who is a speaker of the house, and not some teenager who is bored on a meeting.

      She said afterwards she tore the speech paper because she said it was all lies. But Pelosi, “place cursing words here”, that guy who died because of an illegal fugitive that was release because of California BS sanctuary law is not a lie. What she did was insult the family of that guy who died by tearing the paper and calling it all lies.

      The Democratic Party had fallen so low it was so sad to compare how they are 10 years ago. Under Pelosi and the Republicans during Bush time, the country had become do divided.

      The voters loyalty must be to the country and not to a party or some selfish self interest. If these go on, the country will continue its down slide. Where did you see a country that wants to open its border to everybody who enter illegally. And now illegal aliens up to the age of 26 have medical in CA. They also added to the crowded school and housing crisis. Any country does not have unlimited resources. Politician does not study the impact to a place because it sounds so good to support it without studying the impact of massive influx of illegal immigrants or refugee.

      It is okay to give but under the assumption one can remain healthy so it can continue to give. But one kills oneself in giving, at the end both the giver and the receiver will suffer.

  • I lost my respect to Democrats, it was a regret such a good party become the trash that is today. Such as good political party under Clinton was turn into a witch hunting party under Nancy Pelosi. Oh, wasn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz ,the head of the Democratic National Convention when Bernie Sanders was push out from the 2016 Primary? Why is she still elected by the people. That speak what kind of constituents would elect such a politician.

    What they did not realized is that their antics are turning oeple off. It would be nice if Pelosi retired or someone remove her from the speakership, maybe the Democratic party will heal from her poisonous leadership.

    The Democratic party had become more like undiscipline children after Trump get elected.

    This is the first time heard a State of the Union was interrupted, a total lack of respect. There are right place and right time to bought this up. Not the State of the Union.

    Maybe we should just remove the House of Representative since they don’t seems to be as useful as the Senate. That will also save a lot of taxpayer money.

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