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WASHINGTON — When the CEOs from Juul and four other leading e-cigarette makers came before a House investigative panel Wednesday, they had a united message for Congress: Don’t do anything, the Food and Drug Administration will sort this out.

All five of the executives, which also came from Reynolds American, Njoy, Fontem, and Logic, used the FDA to parry questions from lawmakers, insisting that the issue of youth vaping is being controlled. At some points they even bragged about their compliance with regulators and the potential impact e-cigarettes could have on public health.  

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  • In response, Juul, the largest e-cigarette maker in the US, announced today it would cease all of its print, broadcast, and digital advertising. It will also stop lobbying the Trump administration and the FDA and promised to “fully support and comply” with the agency’s guidelines.

  • Young people will now go to cigarettes. They will always find something to be cool. Maybe Juul should make non tobacco inhalers. A lot of kids would probably use them just to be cool. Let’s work on getting rid of cigarettes. They are the ones really killing people. All this hype has taken the pressure off of cigarette companies. That is where the worst addictions are. May be bad for us just like sodas but we can still buy as much as we want. Pick a better fight. I’ve seen Juul work for lots of people getting off of cigarettes. But you don’t want to loose all that tax money!

  • Whoever is behind banning e cigs are tottally me votes will show effect.i was smoker cigs 40 yr.after developing copd.being put on constant 4 ltr oxygen 24/7.i started juul april 30.2019. Tottally quit cigs.before quitn cigs I had 38 pct lung.using 3 breathn treatments day n 3 rescue inhalers mnth. Cldnt go mailbox 25 ft away without stopping 4 times use inhaler.since startn juul n 4 mnths I went from 4ltr oxygen min to3 ltr 2 mnth later down 2 ltr. 2 mnth later 1.5 nt. Rarely any n dr. Said yest my recovery was unbelievable.
    You throw kids use is reason.well an adult has got them 4 them. Punish the responsible adult.
    How many kids are injured in cars daily? Ban americans from drivn. How many injured n houseflies? Ban ppl from livn in a home. No problem is a ignorant IDIOT found this a way to draw attn. But let election time roll around.trump will lose ton votes.

  • This is all well and fine, however watch “any” Saturday college football game and you are bombarded by beer commercials. Drink this beer and you get the girl or you are cool. Wonder how many people have been killed in car accidents while vaping compared to Drunk Drivers?? I’m not at all opposed to drinking. I love a Cold beer, however such hypocrisy. The alcohol lobby prevails!!!

  • Young folks are NOT the only ones using ecigs. I’m 50ys old. Started smoking at 13. If not for Juul I’d either be dead or still smoking cigarettes. Everyone is accountable for their own actions, just as I am for lighting up at 13yo. I’m very grateful for Juul. Raise hell at the underage smokers for their decisions, not the ecig makers. Common sense please

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