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The parents of a 26-year-old California man who died of an opioid overdose have sued the  manufacturer of Vivitrol, the medication he took to treat his addiction, in a case that highlights the controversies surrounding the response to the nation’s opioid crisis.

The wrongful-death suit alleges Alkermes (ALKS) failed to warn of the high risk of overdose when patients stop taking Vivitrol and then relapse into opioid use. It also claims Vivitrol is ineffective and deceptively marketed.

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  • I have used injectable naltrexone for 4 years and it, like the other 2 MAT products are useful tools as one moves toward non use or even recovery. As they say in program “it works if you work it” and the work of recovery or non use requires persistence, discipline and a whole lot of very hard work that some are not aware of or interested in doing

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