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It’s hard enough for any cancer patient to get into clinical trials. It’s even harder for a patient with a rare cancer like Todd Mercer.

Mercer, a 52-year-old defense industry professional, lives in Michigan with his wife and their two teenagers. At age 50, Mercer got a colonoscopy, as is recommended for people his age, and received a clean bill of health. Six weeks later, his appendix burst.

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  • Hello,

    May I suggest contacting Cancer Commons. They are a patient advocacy group that supports patients trying to find clinical trials, but also can work with your doctor to facilitate expanded access to investigational medications if you can’t get into a trial and the medication being studies is medically logical for your cancer.

    Their Web site is here:

    Warm regards,

  • Cytodyn is enrolling cancer patients in a basket trial, encompassing many types of cancers, for its late stage drug Leronlimab.

    All five patients treated to date, all of whom had some form of metastatic cancer, had excellent results including reduction or elimination of circulating tumor cells, and shrinkage of tumors.

    Cytodyn’s application for breakthrough therapy designation is now pending before the FDA.

  • Mr. Mercer,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure you are deep into the complicated and barrier-ridden world of clinical trials, but here is a link (I hope it works) to what I searched on for advanced, solid tumor, phases, adults, etc.

    As an oncology clinical trials nurse, I have heard stories such as these many times. I would start the, even though it has issues itself, and call the sponsors/sites for more information on enrollment stage, phone screenings, next steps, etc. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  • I just read the article about Todd Meecer and my prayers are with you and ur family at this difficult and 3xausting time. I too was diagnosed with stage 4 cancel . I was wondering if you were aware if a company I can that takes uecanc3e fells and place them 8t a 100 mice and the treat each mouse with a different treatment plan and then if any work in a mouse they know that particular treatment will work on you. Because it is your exact cancer to a t in the mouse. It cost 5/ thousand dollars to do this with no garantee that the cancer will grow in any one mouse. But they have high percentage success rate. It’s a bunch of scientist I don’t remember the nane of company but im sure u could find it it’s in ca. God bless you Anna

    • Get in to Cyodyn’s Leronlimab trial it is killing all cancer cells in blood and shrinking tumors , all tumors trial for 22 diffrent cancers

  • I have lynch syndrome
    I was enrolled in a phase 1 immunotherapy clinical trial after being told I had grade four pancreatic cancer.
    I’ve been told there is no sign of the cancer.
    Thank you BeiGene

  • Hello…I am a clinical research monitor. Please try Merck for cancer trails. I monitor a lot of cancer trials.

  • A database listing every clinical trial being performed ( not just oncology) why it is performed, and where in the world it is performed does exist. It is free. Go to

  • Many people are using Vitamin C dosages, while others are using PANACUR (A DOG MEDICATION). IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE…

  • Please look at a Bioenergentic scan
    to look at correcting before starting any trial.
    GBY Todd

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