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The coronavirus has spawned an infodemic.

That’s the World Health Organization’s term for the conspiracies, unsubstantiated claims, and phony cures surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 that emerged in China at the tail end of 2019.


The challenges to accurate information on the disease outbreak took center stage at this week’s White House press briefing when President Trump said that “the risk to the American people remains very low” despite the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention’s warning that the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is bound to spread more widely in the U.S.

I’m an editor at NewsGuard, which rates the credibility of news and information websites. Our ongoing analyses show that misinformation about the outbreak is clearly beating reliable information when it comes to engagement on social media worldwide.

Much of the misinformation centers on the unfounded claim that the virus was created in a laboratory. In one version of this false story, the source of the outbreak can be traced to Chinese spies who stole the virus from a lab in Canada, then mutated it into a biological weapon before it leaked out from a state-owned virology lab in Wuhan, China — where the first case of Covid-19 was identified.


This fanciful tale relies on both an unfounded conspiracy and willful ignorance of the available evidence.

Two Chinese scientists were, indeed, escorted out of a lab in Winnipeg in July 2019. But the Public Health Agency of Canada told the Canadian Broadcasting Company that this was due to an “administrative matter,” not some James Bond-esque act of espionage related to the coronavirus.

In fact, genomic studies strongly suggest that the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 originated in bats, with no concrete evidence supporting the idea that it was created in a lab.

Like the coronavirus itself, misinformation and false claims have spread far and wide, drowning out reliable health information on social media. Among the sites that have shared the “coronavirus is a bioweapon stolen from Canada” narrative, we determined that Zero Hedge, a politics and finance blog, had 2.1 million engagements — shares, likes, comments, etc. — on social media over the past 90 days.

In contrast, the CDC’s website had only 175,000 social media engagements during that same period, even though is the top result in any Facebook search for the term “coronavirus.” The WHO’s website had only 25,000 engagements. Yet those two sites, along with those of local and state health departments, are providing reliable information that the public could use to counter the health hoaxes and conspiracies.

NewsGuard has rated the credibility and transparency of more than 3,200 news and information sites in the U.S., accounting for 96% of online engagement, previously reporting that more than 1 in 10 of these sites share health misinformation. The rationale for these ratings, detailed in what we call “Nutrition Labels” that are based on nine journalistic criteria, designate a site as green, meaning generally reliable, or red, not generally reliable.

So far, our Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center has identified 93 sites publishing false and potentially harmful information about the outbreak across the U.S., United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France. Many of their posts are being exponentially more widely shared than those from the health authorities trying to deliver real and reliable information.

The Mind Unleashed, a conspiracy theory-filled site that has amassed 14.9 million engagements on social media over the past 90 days, promoted the baseless theory that the virus was man-made by tying the outbreak to a virology lab in Wuhan. The same claim has been repeated on hyperpartisan sites such as (10.5 million engagements) and (3.6 million engagements).

To lend their narratives an air of legitimacy, sites sometimes turn to shoddy scientific research. For example, a Feb. 1 article on Zero Hedge touted a paper on preprint server bioRXiv as proof that the novel coronavirus “might have been genetically engineered for the purposes of a weapon.” The research, which had not been peer reviewed, claimed to have found similar proteins in the new virus and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

According to health fact-checker Health Feedback, the researchers failed to recognize that the same protein sequences could be found in a variety of organisms. The paper was withdrawn, but not before the false claim had two days to spread around social media.

Taking advantage of frightened readers, health care hoax sites are exploiting the outbreak by promoting ineffective “cures” or prevention methods for coronavirus, some of which are not only unproven, but dangerous. For example,’s “natural protection strategy” against the coronavirus includes colloidal silver, a liquid substance with small silver particles that can permanently turn your skin blue.

What is perhaps the most prolific peddler of health misinformation — the network — has joined the party by launching Readers on this strategically-named site see headlines, all redirecting back to, spreading the latest in coronavirus conspiracies.

Silicon Valley’s opaque, algorithmic solutions are failing to stop the coronavirus infodemic. It would be a public service if the social media and search companies that make it so easy to spread these falsehoods also armed their users with tools to know which sites are trustworthy and which should be read with extreme caution.

John Gregory is NewsGuard’s deputy editor on health.

  • Well, you know…the government has fed the people so much b.s. for so long now, is it any surprise no one clicks on their little ads or visits their site? Sadly, the various 3 and 4-letter organizations have nearly zero credibility with anyone, and failed in their function long ago….(unless, of course, that function was always to protect big business…hmmm…?)

    Like the boy who cried wolf, CDC, WHO, etc. have become just more background noise.

  • I was running a search to find out whether some findings about the 2019-nCoV had been cross-checked, and ran into this site.
    First of all, I’m French, please excuse a few grammar or style mistakes, if any.
    The way the situation has been turning here, government bragging about from the beginning to be best prepared in the EU to handle a virus outbreak, then considering how it’s really handled on a daily basis; news reports making things much worse giving the death and contamination toll by the hour, instead of writing about what’s going on behind the scenes in matters of research, or letting scientists speak; I ran my own search on the web to find as much as I could learn about this Coronavirus.
    Not because as an older guy over 70 I’m scared, just because I want to know what we’re dealing with here.
    Whether it’s a lab mishap (mistakes are possible, don’t they?) or it’s a mutation from a bat virus is not the real issue (if it’s out of a lab, we will never know anyway). It’s out here, and we gotta deal with it.
    So, in my quest to learn a bit more than what’s we’re served by TV and papers – at least in France – I ran into a few interesting things.
    The HIV like gene found in the Coronavirus genome sounds a serious affair, as it could explain why it’s spreading wide and fast. So far, it looks like it’s been cross-checked by several labs around the world. But these findings have been dismissed (see the second link). So, I’m just wondering who’s lying here? Especially since anti-HIV drugs have been used on contaminated patients… was,000-times-more-potent-
    I guess at the moment, there’s a big competition between labs to elaborate specific remedies and vaccines. For world’s health emergency concerns, but because tremendous gains are at stake for the one who will patent working drugs and vaccines. Probably a better motivation nowadays…

    • Do you have any idea who many viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other assorted little creatures are swarming around you right now? A lot. I’m sure this virus is nothing new, and would just pass off as another kind of “cold or flue bug” since time immemorial. Just now, a few scientists have isolated it using kajillion dollar machines, made some claims about it, and now they are testing for this one little virus out the thousands that there are in your body right now, and made it into a thing.

      I’m sure most of the people dying here are the standard ones that die from flue, pneumonia, and even colds…elderly, already-half-dead people that probably have other diseases too.

      Funny how it isn’t affecting children, isn’t it? Why would a “virus” care about its host’s age?

  • Since when did the WHO become reliable? Who is funding the WHO?
    Who is cutting funding of CDC, how reliable are they?
    Zerohedge is not reliable.
    The truth might never come out. What is true for one person might not be true for someone else. How objective is the truth?

  • Take a look at “Before It’s News,” a conspiracy website that mainly links to videos. The last few days, they have specialized in making five or six or more entirely contradictory claims about Corona virus; for example that it is a plot of the Queen of England and the Rothschilds, that it is a fake to cover the sickness and death caused by 5G phones, the New World Order started Corona Virus to kill 5 billion people, or that the whole thing is a gigantic fraud to make money for pharmaceutical companies. These are all on their website at the same time- just pick your favorite.

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