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A new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, emerged during the Northern Hemisphere’s flu season. With spring approaching, some are asking: Will Covid-19 cases dissipate once it gets warmer?

The answer is not clear-cut, but we can find clues in how the virus is behaving now, and how other viruses have acted in the past.

This video explains what to expect form SARS-CoV-2 as the seasons change.

  • Azar sidelined. Can we please dump Redfield, now. Time to get some pros in there. I really like the moves Pence is making, and his ability to make changes.

    Next problem: dealing with foot-dragging Washington State.

  • The Las Vegas case was exported from Seattle. That’s starting to look like Italy exporting to the rest of Europe a week ago. Looking like it’s already quite widespread in Seattle.

  • The Northern Hemisphere will get a boost from increasingly warm temperatures, but it’s still going to be important to keep people apart. If you pack people together in air-conditioned environments, the virus could still spread in summer.

  • I imagine people will be dusting off their civil war legal histories. Lincoln’s cabinet debated ordinance of closure vs. blockade. Pence might want to consult legal scholars before speaking with Inslee.

  • Inslee and Murray took their shots and landed a few. However, this is not about politics any longer.

    Perhaps they’re playing a game of chicken for more aid, but that’s up to Congress. In the end, all Pence has to do is tell the country that the national epidemic will be courtesy of Jay Inslee. Democrat states will suffer too. In fact, most of Seattle’s air links are with Democrat-controlled states, such as California, Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado.

  • It’s going to be seasonal, with some help from public health authorities. It could spread amongst large gatherings indoors, even if the weather outside is hot and humid.

    Pence is going to Seattle. Bringing his carrots and sticks? He’s done a wonderful job of cracking heads thus far. If they don’t take immediate action, my guess is the Feds will ring fence the entire state. Give them some cash to cope as a sweetener.

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