In the 1995 movie “Outbreak,” doctors whip up a serum from monkey blood in just days to cure people of the fictional Motaba virus. In the more recent “Maze Runner” series, the teenaged protagonists find a cure for a zombifying virus in the blood of a companion who was immune.

Blood-plasma-based cures aren’t just the stuff of movies. There’s plenty of science to back the idea that blood products from survivors of viral diseases — containing antibodies primed against the virus — can jump-start an immune response in new patients. Most recently, the state-owned China National Biotec Group said it had successfully treated Covid-19 coronavirus patients with plasma from survivors.

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  • There are a number of reusable half face peice masks with NBC cartridges which can be used in hospitals and ambulances. These can be deconned in high intensity UVC booths with a UVC radiation flux of 5 mJ/cm2 with ozone inject in minutes between reusing these masks. Let’s get with it people. Stop complaining and get this set up in hospitals as soon as possible.

  • According to FDA there are no “approved” medications for SARS-COV2. However, in other countries (France, China, Korea, Singapore) they are bypassing approvals and using old methods (like immunoglobin in plasma of recovered people) to save really sick people’s lives. In US, a CoVid19 recovered person cannot even give blood or plasma. Well I ask you, if you are dying from Covid19, who the hell cares about FDA approval. Bring on the plasma immunoglobins to keep me from dying. Patient has to be allowed to make that choice.

    • I take Immunoglobulin Infusions once a month, every month to aid my WBC so i can fight Infections. My Leukemia caused me Not to have Any Antibodies to fight Infections.


  • It appears that an influenza epidemic and possible mycoplasmosis pneumoniae epidemic going on in Europe while this SARS-COV2 is hitting. A very small % of people receive annual flu and pneumococcus shots and their body’s immune system is being taxed by triple infections.

    • Azithromycin (approved in 1988) can arrest mycoplasmosis pneumoniae but not cure it. I have this bacteria without a cell wall in my lungs and it flares up about once every 2 years. 500 mg Azithromycin per day for 5 days will put this back into a non infectious cyst state

  • Apparently a maximum dosage of Quinine or Chloroquine (very old drugs for Malaria) and a maximum dosage of Azithromycin (control of pneumoplasmosis) can arrest or cure SARS-COV2 within 5 to 7 days.

  • We are already using this immu oglobin method from the 1890s to treat seriously ill SARS-COV2 with plasma directly from people who have recovered at Johns Hopkins as of 5 days ago. This direct plasma from recovered patient to very ill patients has already saved lives in China, Korea, Singapore and others. Nothing magical about this.

  • Good piece. Will soon have reservoir of recovered patients. Mini human factories?

    I continue to see young people doing whatever they please in large numbers. Anyone with a teenager knows they can’t be kept home. They’re out with friends, all over the house, out again. They think we’re paranoid and/or alarmist.

    • In Europe there are many Millennials in ICUs with life threatening SARS-COV2 infections who thought they could violate sheltering and maintaining 3 meter distance from each other. They may wake up when some of their Facebookers die.

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