WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence is in charge of the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus. But so is Deborah Birx, the physician and diplomat who the Trump administration brought on as its response “coordinator.” Then there’s health secretary Alex Azar, the chair of the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Task Force. And of course, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to whom they all seem to defer.

Day after day, as President Trump updates the nation on the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to keep track of the phalanx of government officials behind him. They include doctors, lawyers, researchers, cabinet secretaries, and uniformed members of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. The group is ever shifting: Ben Carson, the housing secretary and a neurosurgeon by training, made one recent appearance. CDC Director Robert Redfield, however, has been noticeably absent at recent press conferences.

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  • Your slant was forewarned by Google when they put you at the top of their search list ahead of other leftist pubs. such as the Washington Post. You’re not to be found on a duckduckgo search. What did you pay Google to do that?

  • Your comments and innuendo display your intense political bias and lead to doubt over the main points of the article in its entirety. This seems pervasive at your Journal.

  • Wli,

    So how much do you really know about infectious diseases and their names? Your convenient, limited, and cherry-picked list is not credible. Did Spanish Flu start in Spain? Why call it Legionnaire’s Disease and not Philadelphia Disease?

  • Shame on you STAT for accusing the President of racism for referring to COVID-19 as an asian or Chinese virus. It has been a long standing practice to name an outbreak after the location it was first detected i.e Lyme disease, Ebola, Legionnaires, MERS(middle eastern), Dengue, Zika, Asian Flu, the list is too long. COVID-19 was created and discovered in Wuhan China…it is the Wuhan Virus. It is unconscionable that your site along with the main stream media(who called it the Chinese virus for months) and the progressive left are pandering to the communist Chinese party and whitewashing the virus origins. You have no credibility!

  • Even though the list of names might be correct, it is the personal opinionating by the writer of this article that is objectionable. If one pretends to be journalistic, then one must not be subjective. This is counter-productive, and very un-professional for a news bulletin. Happens too often at STAT “news”.

  • This is a fantastic and realsitic piece by Lev!

    Theo only one I disagree with is:

    9. Stephen Hahn, FDA commissioner:

    I would characterize him as an obstructor (for expedited approval) and also a naysayer (not providing hopes for hundreds of already infected patients).
    .He should be talking and providing some insights as to how can the FDA expedite, accelerate, collaborate with, provede advise to, even coach the drug, vaccine, and even device and diagnostic companies for rapid (I mean less than two months) review and subsequent approval.

    He shoud datrt with going back to his office an consult his direct reports at the FDA as to how can the agency implement ASAP this much-publicized but so far showing nothing policy:


    The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in 2016, places additional focus on the use of these types of data to support regulatory decision making, including approval of new indications for approved drugs. Congress defined RWE as data regarding the usage, or the potential benefits or risks, of a drug derived from sources other than traditional clinical trials.

    We all know about hydroxychloroquine. We all heard or read about it. So Dr. Hahn, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you not acting ASAP? and instead trying to tone down what the POTUS is saying? Did you forget who nominated you for your current position? Did you forget you are supposed to work 24 hours each day as expected by the President?

  • Statnews would be more valuable if it would stick to measured and reasoned data analysis and quit with the snide commentary which diminishes credibility.

  • willmartial law be declared if looting and breaking in happen?and with this shortage of food will the national guard be called out? is all of this true or false? and who started this story anyway?why should people beleive such a story it only spreads panic and scares people.

  • Your point number 3 is completely incorrect. Dr. Mike Ryan at WHO has confirmed that WHO did not makes its test (that it acquires from a German company) available to the US, or any other wealthy nation. Wealthy nations are expected to produce their own tests. Birx also has clarified that her reference to a 47% false positive rate was to a published paper reviewing a test used in China. This was all discussed in a March 17 NY Times article.

    Your unfounded, and uninformed, criticism is bizarre.

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