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Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, is urging the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track clinical trials of an experimental stem cell therapy in Covid-19 patients, prompting fears of political meddling in a scientific process meant to protect patients.

In recent days, Giuliani has used his Twitter account and podcast to tout the stem cell treatment being developed by a New Jersey biotech company, Celularity, despite scant evidence to date that its therapy will benefit Covid-19 patients.

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  • RAAS inhibitors must than be under investigation in a separate set of clinical trials from T cells.

  • Athysis has a stem cell product called multistem that cures ARDS. Cause of death by corona virus is ARDS. TELL FDA TO APPROVE IT. LIVES ARE AT STAKE.

  • Mr Knoepfler has been opposed to using stem cells for any reason for over a decade now. He is not the right person to consider as an expert with his biased attitudes toward stem cell treatments. You would think he was receiving some type of compensation to speak against treatments.

  • Now why would this phrase come to mind – “Rudy Guliani is a hand grenade who is going to blow everyone up.” I’ll stop here – good luck to Celularity in their effort.

  • The company Celularity has ready to go is in Seattle, though New York maybe new news I haven’t heard yet. I really believe this will be the answer. For those concerned, this stuff is not collected from abortions. Celularity has the world’s only bank and this can be mass produced should it prove to be the answer.

  • How many times must we be subjected to bench scientist meddling which is the case with Knoepfler? The FDA is very slow and over the years has become more and more like a large business that stifles innovation. Bench scientists have little grasp of what it is like to be a doctor and dealing with real patients who need and deserve options. Instead, they want to continue to live off of grants and hope to patent and profit off the shelf products. Patients be damned. The media should look for more sources than one bench scientist to interview time and time again. Rudy is right. Trials need to be expedited.

  • Lattice Biologics Ltd is currently conducting a trial in Seattle using stem cells in their study.

  • Basically fast track any company that can potentially shovel cash into Rudy’s bank accounts for “the good of the nation” whether it’s good or not. Rudy MUST be the richest of them all at all cost, eh?

    • Martino your comment is absolutely disgusting! There are many clinical trials being conducted in order to find a cure for -19. Crawl back into your snake hole.

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