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Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, is urging the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track clinical trials of an experimental stem cell therapy in Covid-19 patients, prompting fears of political meddling in a scientific process meant to protect patients.

In recent days, Giuliani has used his Twitter account and podcast to tout the stem cell treatment being developed by a New Jersey biotech company, Celularity, despite scant evidence to date that its therapy will benefit Covid-19 patients.


The company is currently seeking permission to start a clinical trial for the treatment. Giuliani, for his part, has been critical of the FDA, accusing it of standing in the way of important treatments.

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  • What are the odds Rudy has stock in the company? The 2011 movie “Contagion” – is a very prescient view of our mess. Rudy would be the shady character played by Jude Law who made a fortune selling a phony cure for a SARS virus..

  • I was wondering when Secret Agent G would surface. I trust he completed his covert mission to Ukraine to gather damaging information on his # 1 client’s Arch Foe and Son of Foe, The Big Bad Bidens.

  • And then there is the evidence that activation of innate immunity (aka NK cells and macrophages) is responsible for the cytokine storms that lead to organ failure in COVID19 infections. Doesn’t seem (to me- don’t sue me) that adding NK cells would be a good idea.

    • Just the opposite… need to suppress IL-6 with Roche’s Actemra to release the NK cells especially NKT cells . One needs to understand the ADCC process of killing virus in the lung …….Please leave the science to Lewis Lanier or Jim Allison types, Rudy

  • Please could someone investigate the potential financial benefits Rudy G could accrue should Celularity “short-circuit” the regulatory process every other COVID-19 trial is zipping through?

  • This unfortunately sounds like a lot of the “stem cell cures” that have been foisted on desperate patients by money grubbing charlatans (note that I mention no specific charlatans- don’t sue me). There have been many many clinical trials studying all sorts of proposed therapies using cells (note, they are not stem cells) from fat, placental and a lot of other tissues. They have all failed. The only approved stem cell therapy in the US is blood stem cells, used for leukemias and other blood disorders.

  • NK cells are NOT stem cells and the headline is very misleading and confusing to the public and government officials. NK cells may be a part of a treatment strategy but do not in any way work like stem cell therapy. Please do a fact check before putting out sensational headlines like this. We all need solid facts and news to base our decisions upon in the crazy world.

    • dear genius, can you please remind me who was the demented liberal going around claiming that it was not a problem, it was just a flu and a hoax?
      Good for potus that half of the country has an innate stupidity and very very short memory. Not to mention, not a clue of why clinical trials do exist

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