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WASHINGTON — President Trump used a glitzy Rose Garden address, flanked by pharmaceutical company CEOs and patient advocates, to boast of his administration’s successes lowering drug prices and to detract from his political rivals’ efforts on the same issue.

But the news he was touting was modest at best: Drug makers agreed to participate in a minor, voluntary Medicare program that will likely only provide a limited discount on insulin for a small subset of the 60 million seniors with Medicare coverage.

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  • Nice article Nicholas. One question. Is there any evidence that the drug manufacturers actualyl will get paid less or is this just a reduction in co-pays (with Medicare presumably picking up the difference)? The statements I have read seem very carefully worded to talk about reducing co-pays but this is the first article I have read that intimates that the manufacturers may actually get paid less.

  • So this proposal is a total PR con job ; the fact is that in year 2018 the US residents spent 365 BILLION on drugs that is 1 TRILLION in 3 years ; furthermore drugs costs at VA are 70% cheaper overall than Medicare drug prices; BIG PHARMA brought the votes in congress via K street to not allow Medicare the ability to negotiate any drug prices at all ; lastly Pelosi touted a few months ago in the press savings of 50 million per year for seniors on drugs compared to 365 Billion it is not even a comma in a paragraph ; all facts they do not want the American people to know about

  • Bankrupting people with medical bills is another avenue to consolidate wealth to the top. If these policies create another recession the rich can buy on the cheap and consolidate even more wealth, this process is repeated until we are left with serfs and lords. Until they come up with something am wearing a mask.

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