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In what outside experts called the most rigorous and comprehensive survey of bacteria in human tumor samples, scientists have discovered distinct populations of microbes living inside different types of tumors: In other words, breast and brain and pancreatic tumors have their own characteristic microbiomes.

Recent research has revealed an intriguing relationship between microbes and cancer, including how bacteria in the gut can affect the way immunotherapies like checkpoint inhibitors or even standard chemotherapy work to shrink tumors. Now the new paper suggests the bacterial communities within tumors could be exploited to devise a new form of targeted therapies, in the same way we now develop drugs based on the molecular features of a tumor. 


While we know that microbes teem both on and inside the human body in the ecosystem called the microbiome, Ravid Straussman of the Weizmann Institute had learned in medical school that tumors were “sterile.” But he and his colleagues report in detail the identities of bacteria populating cancer tumors originating throughout the body. 

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  • Can this make it harder to fight cancer? The cancer now has more variation factors to fight against.

    It really seems like the cancer purposely out smarts ways to get destroyed by the doctors and the body. It wants to live! Just like anyother organisms.

  • Great read. Cancer is an inflammatory process and the majority of blood cancers are known to be associated with viruses.
    FiteBac K21 could be treatment for cancer as well bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal

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