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An American withdrawal from the World Health Organization could wreak profound damage on the global effort to eradicate polio and could undermine the world’s ability to detect and respond to disease threats, health experts warned.

The experts, from the United States and beyond, are aghast at President Trump’s announced intention to leave the organization, which he publicly blames for not being tougher on China in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic — at a time when he himself was praising China’s unprecedented efforts to control the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The agency has not yet commented on Trump’s announcement.


If it leaves the organization, which was established in 1948, the United States will give up an outsized role in the global health agency and the setting of global health priorities. While Trump has accused the WHO of kowtowing too much to China, in reality, experts acknowledge, other countries have sometimes bristled at how much sway the U.S. has at the Geneva-based agency.

“The U.S. has always had an extraordinary influence at the WHO — I mean to the extent that other countries have complained about American influence,” Ilona Kickbusch, a longtime former WHO official and chair of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.


In fact, when the WHO underwent a series of reforms following its catastrophic early response to the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak — including setting up a permanent health emergencies program — a lot of the changes implemented were made at the behest of the United States, said Ashish Jha, director of Harvard’s Global Health Institute.

The ranks of WHO’s staff are swollen with Americans, some hired directly — such as Stewart Simonson, one of the agency’s assistant director-generals — others on secondment from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other agencies. Were the U.S. to pull out of the WHO, it’s unclear what would happen to the Americans in its ranks — including Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s leading expert on coronaviruses, who flanks Director-General Tedros Adhamon Gheybreyesus during the agency’s three-times-weekly Covid-19 press conferences.

“Just think of it: Maria Van Kerkhove, would she have to leave the WHO now?” asked Amanda Glassman, executive vice president of the Center for Global Development. “Is that what our goal is? Because those U.S. employees are not going to be there. U.S. nationals would not be eligible for employment. So we are giving up leadership of the Covid-19 response, basically.”

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American experts also play key roles in most WHO advisory committees; the country has a seat on the WHO’s executive board. As well, when the WHO has established emergency committees to determine whether this or that disease outbreak constitutes a global threat — a public health emergency of international concern, or a PHEIC — there is virtually always at least one American on the panel. Whether American expertise would be so central after the country’s withdrawal is unclear.

“The U.S. has played an outsized role in global health … across a range of issues,” Jha said. “And I think its absence at the WHO would really harm the organization.”

Withdrawing during a pandemic — or even threatening, should the president back down, or Congress find a way to block the move — is unconscionable, said Tom Bollyky, director of the global health program at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Fending off incoming attacks from a U.S. president during a pandemic is a harmful distraction for the agency at a time when it is being stressed like never before, he suggested. If the U.S. withdraws and weakens the WHO, that in turn will undermine the health agency’s ability to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, potentially prolonging it.

While the U.S. has placed high hopes on early access to vaccine for Americans, the reality is that as long as Covid-19 rages around the world, supply chains will be disrupted, the global economy will be stressed and international travel will remain perilous. Until the outbreak is contained globally, the risks the virus poses will be felt everywhere — among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

“If we were to bring this about, we would diminish funding, but we would also diminish any international coordination on the response to this pandemic, which again will make every day Americans’ lives less safe. It’s a disastrous decision,” Bollyky said.

Beyond the pandemic, health programs that the U.S. has long championed — whether that’s combatting the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis, trying to stop the spread of HIV, or slowing the assault of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria — will be weakened by a U.S. withdrawal from the WHO, said David Heymann, a longtime former WHO official, who lead the agency’s response to the SARS outbreak in 2003.

Heymann, who for a time oversaw the global polio eradication program, fears that effort in particular will suffer if the U.S. leaves the WHO. It is a critical time for the long-standing effort to rid the world of polio; while only two countries — Afghanistan and Pakistan — continue to see spread of wild polio, vaccination efforts have been halted because of the pandemic.

“The polio eradication program is very near completion, with many strong donors to it, and the U.S. has been one of the most faithful and strong. And it would be a shame not only for the United States, but for Rotary International, which has provided so much funding for that as well,” said Heymann, an American who heads a committee that advises the WHO’s health emergencies program.

  • WHO has to be reformed, it becomes a puppet of the communist regime, and forgot, what they stand for.

    • WHO has been a puppet of the US imperialism for the past 70 years. At most, now it has become a shared custody

  • When a organization this large hides facts from the world that could have saved thousands of lives, they need checked. Instead of doing their job and telling the world, they waited and took the word of a government on things that the WHO should have been testing for themselves.
    As for the US having to much pull with the WHO, apparently it doesnt or we would have been told in early December about cv19.
    The US pours so much money into so many organizations that are global, so many governments, so many countries, etc. yet are expected to just give the money and stay quiet. No. You do not pay a CEO to run a company and never have a say in it when it’s your money, so why would any organization be allowed to go unchecked?
    If your getting my m ok hey to do a job, you better be dam sure I will make sure it’s done and properly. Or you won’t get that money from me ever again. Simple logics.

    • WHO needs to be reformed. Many countries including mine (Malaysia) thought USA was playing its propaganda with the attempt to impose travel ban on China.
      We took advice from WHO and Chinese Ambassador. The result of such decisions Malaysia has more than 7000 infected cases close to 150 dead and 2 to 3 million people are expected to lose their livelihoods starting from the month of May 2020 till the end of this year.
      I don’t know if it is the right call by Mr.Trump but I must say WHO needs to be reformed and be made political free.
      We cannot have this kind of WHO in place.

  • I guess those other countries don’t have to bristle about American influence anymore; they’ll be free to run the show without our input.

  • “Expert” is in the eye of the beholder.
    What dire global health consequences will there be exactly ?

  • How is no one questioning all the money Bill Gates gave the WHO? It all about vaccines vaccines vaccines with these murderers im happy Trump cut off the funds but it didn’t matter because guess who came to the Rescue? They need to investigate the WHO GATES and FAUCI

  • Dont understand why my comment couldn’t get finished or sent. It was exactly what this site was about. It is really concerning let alone ,scary as hell. No pun intended lol.

  • Ms. Braswell writes as if the world is entitled to US funds. “Experts” is the go to of every liberal journalist. “experts” are paraded out every time a leftists wants to push their agenda. No evidence needed for a sloppy leftist journalist. “Experts” have been predicting tragedies for as long as I have been alive. “Experts” used to tell me how the Soviet Union was on its way to establishing a socialists paradise and that America should follow. They then told me about the upcoming mini ice age. Then the “experts” warned me of the scarcity of all natural resources and mass starvation. Then I learned how Aids was going to infect and kill at least 25% of all America from the “experts”. I am tired of the Ms. Braswell and her ilk tapping her resource of endless “experts”. WHO has been a inefficient waste…no expert is needed to see how they spend money. Report the news, lady!

  • Bye bye you $400 to $500 million sucking agency. We can’t fix our economy and virus rate. Why don’t we use that money for a cure here in the United States and stimulate the economy. As for Americans losing their jobs at The Who. Boo Who cry me a River. Welcome to the rest of America right now! Unemployed!

  • Very perceptive article, first I’ve seen on staff implications. As a former UN development manager I’d add: (1) professional staffing in all UN agencies has long been dominated by the US and the largest staff component at WHO is still American. They and the US UN Mission in Geneva would know almost second by second anything going on in WHO, including all incoming from China, and HHS in DC would be getting dozens of messages every day. (2) All agencies of the UN are fundamentally all about SYSTEMS for their sector and (tks in part to Deming and other Americans) China is a lot better at enhancing systems that countries value than the US. President Reagan first allowed this marginalization with his “government is the enemy” mantra. (3) All of the UN works by consensus, and China makes friends one by one to that end and not by throwing its weight around which always loses big. (4) The US alone of all members makes a huge profit out of the UN system via staff salaries, equipment bought, fellowships, and spending by 200 plus UN missions in New York and staff of Embassies in Washington to liaise with the World Bank and IMF. (5) Check reports of HHS head Azar at previous WHO annual meetings. He loved them and his reports are pretty effusive.

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