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WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration on Monday said it had withdrawn an emergency approval for use of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 treatment.

Almost since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, President Trump and other world leaders have touted hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment based on scattered anecdotes, not reliable scientific studies. But the FDA said Monday that the drug, along with chloroquine, is “unlikely to be effective in treating Covid-19,” and highlighted “serious side effects.”

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  • Zinc is covid 19 inhibitor and hydroxychloroquine is a zinc enhancer There for making H CL Q a effective Covid 19 treatment . The establishment seems to be aligned against Trump and H Cl Q treatment . The establishment is in favor of globalism and a world government . Where Trump MAGA sounds more like Nationalism . So that is why the battle lines have been drawn

  • It’s unfortunate hydroxychloroquine, still in wide use by “front line” Positions treating early, outpatient Covid patients. The drug seems to have fallen prey to the divisive political narrative Which infects public discourse on many issues in the US.

    It’s unfortunate that he wants highly respected, politically neutral publication like the Lancet Chose to wade into this political minefield by an unprecedented explicit Condemnation of President Trump for advocating HCG use, thereby Losing a tremendous amount of respect and credibility in the process.

    We should be able to evaluate this drug with a good double blind studies free of politics, like any other promising treatment. Unfortunately the “deep state”careerists in Official positions at the NIH’s infectious disease section have joined the Trump-bashing Leftists we seem to dominate “main stream” US media.

    This politicization of a medical issue negatively affects all of us, preventing the sober, objective evaluation of a promising medication to which any Reasonably effective medication, whose efficacy has many advocates like The highly respected French infectious disease Professor Who published a large, albeit not double blind
    study Involving a large cohort (over 2000)
    patients, Resulted in a positive assessment of hydroxychloraquine for early disease.

    Allowing this drug or any other medical issue to fall into the Political realm helps no one, specially those patients who may benefit from its use.

    The Lancet that has lost a tremendous amount of respect and credibility by involving itself in US political controversies–I for one canceled my subscription, as I know many other physicians have as well.

    • I so agree..I should be allowed the option to take Hydroxychloroquine if I request it. Dr. Fauci has his own agenda and don’t feel he trustworthy as he has made too statements which has been cost the lives of many Americans.

  • This article is very misleading. Listen to what Azar said. This ruling only means that you do not have to use HCQ only in a hospital setting. You can now use it as you would any other medicine prescribed by your doctor.

  • This move by the FDA is paramount to murder. Anyone who has been following doctors who have a good success rate in treating Covid-19 patients knows that HCQ is a zinc ionophore and that the purpose of HCQ is to allow Zinc to get inside cells to disrupt replication of the virus. Additionally, the treatment must happen early in the disease process. Basing the decision to rescind the emergency authorization of HCQ based on studies of HCQ mono-therapy in late stage disease is deliberately disingenuous. No doctor can be that obtuse – picking flawed studies must be on purpose. No wonder people seek conspiracy theory explanations for such absurd behavior.

    Additionally, one of the studies the FDA based their decision on (regarding the safety of HCQ) used a dosing amount that nears the lethal level – and not at all what doctors on the front lines are using in their treatment protocols. Again – no doctor can be that ignorant unless there is an agenda.

    • Lea Ann. Thank you the anti-HCQ science even said it was not science. There is no discussion of random, double blind or an consistent gathering of scientific data. This FDA withdrawal of approval is now proof the FDA has gone political. But you know the answer. My doctors diagnosis with be Rheumatoid Arthritis. FDA is a puppet of those who don’t care about life. Say Lea Ann, why is there no established protocol for mild CV19 (which is where it all begins)? Because someone will be paid based upon demand of the Vaccine. And without a vaccine seems CDC, WHO and the FDA have less authority and rein over innocent lives! This is the first time I have been embarrassed about a once esteemed organization, take your pick.

  • What exactly do you mean by, “the scientific establishment” ?
    You framed it as though Trump instigated this whole controversy by Deliberately taking a radically oppositional stance regarding the drug’s pharmacologic profile. That’s not what happened. He merely parroted what some researchers had told him (about the drugs potential uses and efficacy for Covid), and then somehow a few hysterical nut jobs (who apparently hold some influence over decisions in academia) threw science out the window and propagated what ever was the opposite of what came out of trumps mouth. I’ve never seen anything like this before, esp. in The Lancet.

  • Thanks for the last paragraph. There is no money to made with HC and thay keep saying it causes heart side effects with combinartion of ZPack etc. Zpack by itself cause these problem. They conflate the two to eliminate it use.

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