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WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration on Monday said it had withdrawn an emergency approval for use of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 treatment.

Almost since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, President Trump and other world leaders have touted hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment based on scattered anecdotes, not reliable scientific studies. But the FDA said Monday that the drug, along with chloroquine, is “unlikely to be effective in treating Covid-19,” and highlighted “serious side effects.”

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  • One more point; HCQ is ideal for outpatient treatment because of low toxicity and oral administration. In contrast, remdesivir the new CoviD 19 antiviral drug from Gilead, is almost insoluble in water and must be administered by infusion. It has worse side effect profile than HCQ. Therefore, currently only HCQ is an antiviral drug to treat outpatients.

  • Another stall to get closer to the election. Anyone with a brain should be able to see what this and other distractions have been all about. Doctors have no problem giving out scripts for cannabis! If I got Covid and couldn’t get all treatment available to me would not make me too happy. I as others do not want to be collateral damage in this political war. It should be up to the patient.

  • Your article lacks the studies and/or links to the studies used by the FDA to make this determination. The reader is left with more questions than answers.
    Respectfully Submitted,

  • If my mother or father gets COVID & is not allowed to use HCQ & Zinc to save their lives and I have to watch them die of a series of shallow breaths follwoed by the inability to bnreath I am going to kill you.

    • Quercetin supposedly works with zinc similarly and more safely and is available at health food stores.

  • Muy oportuno y acertado el criterio médico sobre el producto de la hdroxicloriquina

  • the people out here can see studies and comments of doctors .try watching Larry Elder ,show youtube . start there you might learn some truths. not pushes for vaccine.

  • The attack on HCQ is so misleading. Of course we do not have “reliable evidence supporting hydroxychloroquine’s use.” In fact, we don’t have “reliable evidence” for any Covid-19 treatment. Why is this one treatment singled out? The evidence supporting HCQ, however, is much more reliable than the (lack of) evidence to order lock downs, the (lack of) evidence to support face masks (which are mostly unapproved and unproven medical devices), or the (lack of) evidence to support social distancing. Citizens need to understand that FDA approval is not needed; it has already been given. The two biggest problems with HCQ are that (1) it is preferred by President Trump and (2) it is very cheap compared to the new and highly expensive treatments under development. Doctors can legally prescribe HCQ after providing informed consent. Patients desiring this medicine should demand that their doctors prescribe it, and doctors are ethically required to follow the patients’ requested course of treatment.

  • They also say every doctor can now prescribe HCQ for whatever reason they wish, thank you President Trump.

    • Big Pharma can not make a trillion dollars profit . That is FROSTING them. The truth folks. Follow the money. If you are healthy extremely bad news for income. Healthy people can not generate repeat business. Sickness generates wealth. Healthy generates zero income that is a terrible state of affairs. Tsk tsk just a deplorable state of affairs .

  • More baloney about a highly effective drug, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) WHEN GIVEN EARLY, AT THE EARLY SYMPTOMS OF, SARS-CoV-2. And, the cardio-related possible side effects are few and far between and can be monitored for with EKGs.
    Geez, this drug has been prescribed and is still being prescribed for decades, over 60 years, for MALARIA. And, for CHRONIC, LIFELONG USE IN MANY SEVERE ILLNESSES including LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS and RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Patients presenting with early symptoms of Covid-19 are only prescribed HCQ for about a week. What’s with all the hysteria? Someone’s going to lose profits from their investments in Gilead, manufacturer of remdesivir? (HCQ is off patent. As a generic, it costs merely 10 cents a pill. Treatment with remdesivir costs $1,000) Finally, I witnessed a televised announcement on June 14, 2020 by HHS head (Alex Azar) that HCQ was now “off emergency use in hospitals only”, that physicians are now free to prescribe it for patients they wish to prescribe HCQ for. I wonder at Lev Facher’s interpretation of the actual facts.

    • Very disappointed with the FDA decision not allow use of old well known and currently FDA approved hydroxychloquine drug for Corona 19 and still allowed long term use for lupus as well as other use with absolutely no concerns of safety and side effects. This is clearly political decision from the FDA without proven studies only potential side effects and not fully understand how it’s was helpful to many sick people with Corona
      I think that safety of new biological drug that is currently under development and FDA review may only bring potential cure of Corona and still needs years to proof safety . This new biological drug also may have sirouse side effects that FDA will only learn via Medwatch reporting.
      So sorry to see this political football dominating and benefit this new , costly new drug and to have FDA priority review and approval.

  • Health & Human Services Secretary Azar clarified: HCQ hasn’t shown enough late-stage covid-19 efficacy to be recommended for in-hospital use.

    By removing the EUA, it may now be used without restrictions as long as your doctor prescribes it.

    • No. That is wrong. Alex Azar is undermining the wishes of President Trump. By removing the EUA, he has left it up to the states to decide and ALL of the blue states run by Democrats have told their pharmacy boards to prohibit fulfilling ANY hydroxychloroquine prescriptions ORDERED by your own doctor even if you test positive for Covid-19 and have symptoms. That is what every pharmacy in Oregon has told me regardless of the federal ruling.

      So Alex Azar is being disingenuous and is dissembling. He knows damn well is ruling will permanently bar the use of the drug by any liberal states unless a court rules in favor of a lawsuit, which these states so richly deserve to have filed against them. But it needs to go far beyond this. The actions of these state pharmacy boards is criminal, interfering with the care of patients by their own doctors. This country has really slipped and the laws need to be changed to hold these sickeningly disgusting bureaucrats accountable.

      You can all be sure, the very people doing this to the public will make hydroxychloroquine available to themselves and their families.

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