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CytoDyn is nearing the completion of a clinical trial investigating the use of leronlimab, its repurposed and still experimental HIV drug, to treat patients with Covid-19. When results of the study read out in the next few weeks, leronlimab is unlikely to show meaningful benefit.

Should CytoDyn be trusted to offer an honest summary of its clinical trial? I have doubts. What investors may get instead is a spin job that tries to portray objectively negative study outcomes in a more positive light. Expect to see a lot of handwaving to distract from bad data.

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  • Michael:

    A successful vaccine for COVID-19 is far off in my opinion.

    So, therapeutics is the best hope and leronlimab, in my opinion, is the best possible therapeutic foreseeable at this point.


  • Philip:

    The 60 COVID-19 patients were treated with leronlimab on an emergency basis, and not in a double blinded clinical trial.

    Because the physicians knew their patients were being treated with leronlimab, with no possibility of a placebo, they were able to opine that the successful outcomes for their patients was attributable to leronlimab.


  • This one-sided and completely slanted story leaves out important details such as the 60-plus patients treated with leronlimab, on an emergency basis, at prestigious hospitals, such as Montefiore, Novant, and UCLA, where the well-respected treating physicians who administered leronlimab to their COVID-19 patients attributed successful outcomes to this drug.

    This story also leaves out the bloodwork analysis of leronlimab-treated COVID-19 patients by respected virologist Dr. Bruce Patterson, who claims leronlimab is the only drug that quells the cytokine storm, reduces the COVID-19 viral load, and helps restore the immune system in COVID-19 patients.

    With respect to Nader Pourhassan’s neutral comment that he cannot predict the outcome of ongoing COVID-19 clinical trials for leronlimab, no other credible answer was possible given that the trials are double-blinded, which is what Pourhassan correctly noted in his answer to this question.

    Finally, it would be helpful to know whether you are short Cytodyn, which, if is the case, suggests a bias that should be disclosed.

    • I agree with Ken’s comments…this is a completely one sided arguement and a horrible representation of an unbiased journalist.
      The author must be a democrat the way he quotes snip-its of quotes without the full context of the comment….LOL.

    • Ken,
      If you are correct that “ no other credible answer was possible given that the trials are double-blinded” then how can you also say “the well-respected treating physicians who administered leronlimab to their COVID-19 patients attributed successful outcomes to this drug.”?

    • Then ken, Do you expect that the vaccine recently fast tracked not to overshadow Leronlimab if proven successful . If the market is saying anything it’s that CYDY is vulnerable to any bad press. which is worrisome since the recent trend has been positive without the market reacting positively .

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