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Long after calls for more data on the disproportionate number of Covid-19 infections and deaths among Black Americans and Hispanic Americans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday released limited additional information, which revealed non-white and Hispanic Americans under age 65 are dying in greater numbers than white people in that age group.

The agency reported that more than a third of deaths among Hispanic Americans (34.9%) and almost a third of deaths among non-white Americans (29.5%) were in people younger than 65. That compares to 13.2% among white people under that age. 

Non-white Americans (median age 31) are younger as a whole than white Americans (median age 44), but Covid-19 deaths among those under age 65 exceeded their proportion of the population. The researchers found that 33.9% of people under 65 who died were Hispanic, yet they account for just 20% of the under-65 population in the U.S. Similarly, Black, Asian, and other non-white people accounted for 40.2% of deaths under 65, though they make up just 23% of those under 65 nationally. Black people accounted for 30% of deaths under age 65; Asian people and multiracial people accounted for 6.1% and 4.1%, respectively.


Those numbers are in line with both clinical and social factors tied to Covid-19 infections and deaths, said Utibe Essien, a physician and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He published a paper in May detailing the lack of comprehensive race, ethnicity, and language data related to Covid-19 testing, infection, and death rates.

Black Americans tend to be younger when they have chronic risk factors — cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic pulmonary disease — most likely to be associated with Covid-19 infection and severe infection. It’s been known for decades that the rate of premature cardiovascular deaths is higher in Black Americans than white Americans.


We have been worried about the lack of age-adjusted data,” Essien said. “Now that we have more age-adjusted data, we really are seeing that disparity.”

As for social factors, Black and Hispanic individuals are more likely to be essential workers and less likely to have had the choice of working from home over the last four months, he said.

For its report, the CDC culled data from public health records of 52,166 deaths in 47 jurisdictions between Feb. 12 and May 18 around the country. It requested more demographic and clinical information on 10,457 deaths between Feb. 12 and April 24 from 16 locations, such as race and ethnicity as well as underlying medical conditions and place of death. 

During the shorter time period, 93.9% of deaths were in New York and neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut, plus the state of Washington, reflecting widespread circulation of the virus in those states earlier this year. Coronavirus cases are now flaring in other hot spots around the country, such as Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California, including higher case counts among young people than earlier in the pandemic. 

Where people included in the CDC report died was also different: Younger people were more likely to be at home or in a hospital emergency room versus older people in hospitals or long-term care settings.

The CDC report called for more research before drawing conclusions. “Although these data did not permit assessment of interactions between race/ethnicity, underlying medical conditions, and nonbiologic factors, further studies to understand and address these racial/ethnic differences are needed to inform targeted efforts to prevent COVID-19 mortality,” it said.

The reasons for the dearth of racial and ethnic data are not clear, Essien said, noting that CDC depends on local health departments to gather and share demographic and clinical information. Some states still are not including race and ethnicity in test results, he pointed out.

“I do want to believe that the CDC is committed to this work,” he said. “A lot of these are structural factors that, of course, we can’t just snap and fix, but I hope our society and our health system are really starting to consider just how critical these are, especially during the pandemic.”

  • I am not trying to defend our Federal government, or make this more political than it was, but is it true, looking at 93% of deaths – and a roughly proportional number of cases – were in New York and New Jersey in the time from the previously recognized beginning of the epidemic to the cut off in April – it is true that we, the entire US, can blame New York for not containing the virus there very well?
    I am really not trying to be political, and for sure I do not solely blame New York – and ouf Federal government, we know who is at the head of that- is no doubt viewed as the primary caretaker for epidemics, especially perhaps those that begin overseas – but IF New York State, and New York City, had done a good job containing this – remember both were resistant to shutdowns and face masks early on – then maybe the rest of the US would have, at least at this point in time – far, far fewer cases- and the same body of knowledge about the virus would exist, roughly, but with far less effect on the health of those in the US.

    This is a real question.

  • For decades the medical has always placed Black Americans as #1 rates in all diseases. However, we later find out in research that European White Americans carry these same numbers or even higher. Why aren’t this information made public as well. I have my theory #whiteprivilege. Medical science must be honest about how many diseases were transferred by European White Americans. Truth be told. Review your science & your history. It’s time that whatever took place in the DARK is now being STREAMED IN THE LIGHT.

  • If the subject “death rate” is replaced by “crimes” rate, then this research would be accused as racial profiling by people who are themselves true racist but calling others as so.

  • More fake racism from the Progressive media complex. So is the Wuhan virus racist now or shall we blame this on white people too, excuse me not white people, white males.
    Of course no one ask the obvious question if it’s Bannick’s have the highest infection rate in highest death rate should probably look at societal norms. Such as the fact that hispanics have extended families living under the same roof sometimes up to three generations or four different generations. So they have much more social exposure between old and young coupled with a larger number of people under the household.
    Black Americans have a higher threshold for risk and a higher aversion to authority, Especially in the younger age brackets.
    White American families are typically smaller and spread out as each generation lives and it’s own household. And tend to have a stronger aversion to wearing masks. though this is probably a Applicable to all native born Americans.
    asian culture has a much higher acceptance of mask wearing especially immigrant Population then do the rest of Americans.

    So just some very basic behaviors of each segment the population could contribute widely to why one segment has a higher infection rate than the others hell it could just be genetic to but of course that something that’s never looked at any longer because of oh racism. Stupid stigmatism’s

  • Asian Americans in early June were more than twice as likely as white Americans (13% versus 5%) to report having recently experienced COVID-19-associated discrimination, according to results from the ongoing Understanding Coronavirus in America Study conducted by USC Dornsife’s Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR). Black (9%) and Latino Americans (9%) were nearly twice as likely as white people to report this experience. That’s why we should not go out without a mask! The only problem is where to buy the proper one?

  • So.. if the absence of a meaningful federal response to this pandemic is purposeful, does the knowledge of a higher death count for the minority population qualify as genocide? Is there written or recorded evidence of this strategy available for the public to consider? … and why are these questions not shocking or surprising to us all?

    • “The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.
      “a campaign of genocide”

      Oxford definition of genocide.

      Bandying about incendiary and untruthful comments doesn’t help any cause other than the cause of divisiveness in America.

  • Frankly I am tired of the leftwing spin to every article on Stat! If you think the disparity in the death rates results from “racism” come out and say it. And I will take the pleasure of disabusing you from such a notion. What is meant by “structutal racism”? The phrase seems to have coincindeatlly become very popular during this presidential election year. I deny that America is a
    structurally racist nation. If it were, is it not strange that neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden seem ed to have noticed it durig the 8 years of the Obama administration.

    • Ok mr Orr, I do believe the higher death rate is a result of structural racism.. namely in the form of a triangle.. as in the colonial triangle trade scheme; sugar for rum for black African slaves. All of the colonies were guilty of forming and perpetuating that nefarious scheme.. as all of us are guilty now of tolerating our national stigma. It is time to pay up for all the past slave labor plus damages and profit the minority class of this country their due receipts.

    • you’re absolutely right and Robert you’re delusional. It’s the only nation on earth that has a self correcting form of governance. No one from the outside is necessary for us to correct the wrongs that we’ve committed it always comes from the internal structures that were created by our founding fathers. this Intersectionality social construct bullshit from the left is the only thing driving division in the United States want to pull away from that and embrace a little bit of personal responsibility you’ll find your life improves thousandfold and that goes for anyone who blames a supposedly rigged system In the least biased society in the world.

    • Poverty has a lot to do with higher I faction rates whether related to crowded living conditions and education and understanding of risk.
      Finally structural racism.
      Almost no, in the, had it worse that blacks.
      Key word almost,
      before people suggest or line up for any potential reporation,
      check out detailed history, ask and find the answers, then line up behind the Native Americans. 100 plus tribes decimated, some tribes bought and sold other native and non native Americans as slaves. Of the treaties made with native Americans before the 1800s and early 1900 ALL were broken. Not one.
      Finally and from a biblical, Gods perspective

  • I have asked this question in on line conferences and here and not received a reply. Is there any association among the younger deaths in the black and hispanic populations and immunization rates for MMR? This would also account for the large number of deaths in the geriatric populations whose MMR immunizations would have been 60 years ago unless they had a booster?There is anecdotal evidence supporting this fact as well as a study done at Univ of Kentucky. Can someone tell me if this is being seriously examined?

    • is there a similarity between the Wuhan virus and those that MMR vaccines protect against? Or is this just trying to find evidence of differences between the different demographics that might explain different infection and death rates?

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