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CytoDyn CEO Nader Pourhassan used a conference call on Thursday evening to claim success with the company’s experimental Covid-19 drug — but his description of the clinical data, if true, suggests the drug didn’t meet the study’s primary goal.

In disjointed comments to investors, Pourhassan insisted that leronlimab delivered “positive efficacy results” in the Covid-19 study. CytoDyn intended to quickly submit the “strong results” to the Food and Drug Administration and expected to win approval for leronlimab as a new treatment for Covid-19, he added.

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  • Feuerstein’s ‘hit’ piece on CytoDyn is very telling in its biased attack for what it leaves out about their antagonist drug Leronlimab. Here’s a news release from NY’s Montefiore-Einstein Centers of Excellence on their Scientists leading the 2 Trials (Ph.2 & Ph.3) of Leronlimab and its prospects for Success: “A Promising Drug for Treatment of Severe Lung Inflamm. in COVID-19 Patients” –

  • You’re a disgrace, Adam. Help people be excited for something that science is proving actually works. Do you really feel good about these articles or are you just trying to scam people out of money?

  • I doubt that Adam Feuerstein was listening to the same conference call I was listening to. From what info could be released, leronlimab improved symptoms, reduced O2 requirements, and reduced the need for more intensive care than standard care, in a group of patients that usually does not progress to that stage. The drug was compared to standard care. Mr. F is a known tool of the short sellers, and he reliably comes in without any real proof to bash the findings of NP. I own the stock, but am more concerned with getting a real treatment for COVID-19.

  • Clearly youre loyalties are with someone threatened by Leronlimab. And no matter what they do or say, you’ll focus on the negative. Regardless, if CYDY was a “scam” or “hoax”, it would be one of the greatest of all time to fool countless medical professionals who’ve spent their lives in research and practice. There are simply too many respected professionals who know this drug is effective and safe — arguably much safer than drugs that were approved yet cause kidney or liver damage as side effects. Sure, CYDY CEO has his shortcoming as communicator and challenges in setting expectations with public. He’s over his head at this point in the game. But that doesn’t change the science and clear cases that the drug works and will effectively change medical treatment and how people view the immune response to many diseases.

  • Thanks, Adam, for leaving the comments section open when you write about Cytodyn. It’s always amusing to see the Cytodyn bulls squeal when you point out their emporer has no clothes.

    I recently watched The Wolf of Wall Street for the first time. Great movie! The Cytodyn bulls should watch it.

  • This site has to be a joke…they showed improvement 11 days before their endpoint but the drug failed? Go to hell AF.

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