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WASHINGTON — Voters in several battleground states overwhelmingly support several of President Trump’s recent proposals to drastically cut drug prices. But they’re markedly less enthusiastic about his plan to end drug rebates, according to a new poll shared first with STAT.

A full 87% of the voters surveyed support Trump’s idea to force drug companies to sell their drugs in the U.S. at the prices they offer in other similar countries, and 82% support his efforts to allow people to import drugs from Canada, according to the poll of 2,000 people in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates and sponsored by the insurance lobby, America’s Health Insurance Plans, which supports both of those policy changes.


Trump’s plan to end drug rebates, as framed by the survey, is much less popular. Only 48% of voters surveyed said they approved of “Banning drug companies from giving rebates or discounts to health insurance companies for certain prescription drugs that are covered by Medicare.” (AHIP also opposes the rebate changes.)

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  • What a joke of a poll to throw into the election hyperbole. Some of us have had to purchase drugs under high deductible health plans for a long time, and some of us even paid attention to what happened with Ohio Medicaid in 2018. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Let me get this straight. A group opposed to rebate reform conducts a survey that finds opposition to rebate reform–and the detailed survey questions and methodology are top secret? Yes, that sounds like totally credible research …

    • Lol, so true Adam…. Typical PCMA response , everything is a big secret. I wonder how much money the PBM’s pocketed last year on drug rebates .. oh yea this too is top secret !!! What a bunch of crap!!

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