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It took a lot of late-night and early-morning Zoom calls plus some socially distanced in-person meetings to create the first health tech giant, all conducted during a pandemic and in near-total secrecy. Now that telemedicine provider Teladoc Health and diabetes coaching company Livongo are moving closer to clinching their $18.5 billion deal later this year, leaders of both companies say they’re ready to provide a single solution for care that will satisfy consumers, providers, and payers.

“We know there’s a lot of waste in health care, but we will trim a lot of that waste out while also improving clinical health outcomes,” Jennifer Schneider, president of Livongo, said Thursday at STAT’s Health Tech Summit. “I think in five-ish years … you’re going to see a different model where the experience of being a person receiving health care —  and that’s all of us — is going to be convenient. You’re actually going to not hate it.” 

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