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How should governments talk about Covid-19? Can the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rebuild public trust? And when is a steak worth $21 billion?

We discuss all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First, our colleague Helen Branswell calls in to discuss how how caving to White House pressure has eroded public trust in U.S. health agencies. Then, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, researcher Heidi Tworek joins us to examine how countries around the world have succeeded — and failed — to communicate clearly about the Covid-19 crisis. Finally, we embark on a lightning round, with takes on Gilead Sciences’ latest deal, the perils of virtual meetings, and the value of making political endorsements.

For more on what we cover, here’s the latest on the CDC; here’s Tworek’s research; and here’s STAT’s complete coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.


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  • Your dismissing the SciAm’s endorsement of Joe Biden was kind of silly. The story was picked up by multiple main stream news organizations. Even Stephen Colbert mentioned in his monologue. Would that we all (I’m a science reporter too) had that reach.

  • I listened to the podcast and also read Professor Tworek’s entire report. I ttrongly feel the report was inadequate in not including zjsoan as a case study. I am also disappointed why Damian or Rebecca’s did not catch this gross omission and ask Heidi what was the reason for not including this bastion of democracy in Asia and the world’s third largest economy.

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