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WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday pledged to send $200 prescription drug coupons to 33 million Medicare beneficiaries “in the coming weeks,” a political ploy to curry favor with seniors who view drug prices as a priority.

Trump’s promise comes less than six weeks before Election Day, and represents the latest step in his administration’s (and his campaign’s) efforts to amass health care talking points, even if their actions do little to save Americans money.


The administration is getting its authority to ship the coupons from a Medicare demonstration program, a White House spokesman told STAT in a statement. The nearly $7 billion required to send the coupons, he said, would come from savings from Trump’s “most favored nations” drug pricing proposal. That regulation has also not yet been implemented — meaning the Trump administration is effectively pledging to spend $6.6 billion in savings that do not currently exist. The cards, he said, would be “actual discount cards for prescription drug copays.”

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  • We direly need to clean up our own drug delivery system: abolish lobbyists, middle men, political favours, screwy health insurances. In other words: eliminate the corruption. Drug prices would fall wonderfully hard. The notion to just not clean up one’s own back yard, and go plunder the fruits off the productive trees of a neighbour (who nourishes with effective labour and fertilization) is disgusting. A cheap low-blow, totally selfish, and also just a very very temporary fix. America – we need to shape up.

  • From another country looking in : hahahahahahaha – another Trump twist, but SO demeaning to the many who really should have un-impeded access to the medication they need. How on earth is this idiotic uncontrollable brag-box still in the powerful position that he constantly abuses to serve his own “grandeur” and selfish egoistical purposes? And filthy rich, yet paid $750 tax twice in the last 10 years ? Jail that crow !

  • I’m 64 I haven’t seen my family or friends in 6 months because it would risk my life
    I’d like to be able to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with them cooking & being together But this president won’t stop lying he won’t stop undermining the public health measures that control the virus & he won t stop holding superspreader events so the virus continues to spread and sicken and kill.
    Somehow this is a benefit to Donald Trump but it has ruined everybody else’s life that is those of us who weren’t already killed by it My son had it in April and he is still sick he s only 32

    this president is of such low character that he dares to offer $200 to people whose lives he’s needlessly destroyed if he stopped underming the public health measures that controll the virus we would all be healthier, safer, happier and have a future to look forward to Most of all we could be with our families again
    If I get one of these insulting hush money cards I’ll sell it online and donate whatever I get for it to the Biden campaign

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