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WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday pledged to send $200 prescription drug coupons to 33 million Medicare beneficiaries “in the coming weeks,” a political ploy to curry favor with seniors who view drug prices as a priority.

Trump’s promise comes less than six weeks before Election Day, and represents the latest step in his administration’s (and his campaign’s) efforts to amass health care talking points, even if their actions do little to save Americans money.

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  • So, if he gives away the savings, how is it that we saved anything after all is said and done? “He” can’t do it anyway by executive order or any other ways as is pointed out – Congress via direction to CMS can change Medicare rules to allow it. But, the fact of the matter is any “savings” generated from Pharma having to cut prices for Medicare will simply be cost shifted to the commercial marketplace. Some formula based on Favored Nations rule isn’t a ridiculous idea, but it should apply to ALL payers in the United States, i.e., any government OR commercial program receives the same “cap” on pharma Rx prices, and do away with rebates while you are at it. An all payer system for Rx is the only fair system. Then we can tell what the real price is, and we can know what, if any, value added there is by services from middlemen such as PBMs.

  • interesting how these authors label this article political however no mention of actual drug costs in the US based upon facts ; in year 2018 US citizens spent 365 BILLION with a B on drugs costs over over a trillion dollars in 3 years ; also US citizens spend 3 to 5 x more on drug costs than any other country in the world due to BIG PHARMA owning congress through K street ; lastly the VA spent 70 % less on drugs than the 45 billon seniors on Medicare for the same drugs due to a law congress passed that it was illegal to negotiate drug prices ; all facts

  • Is this from the op-ed page of Mother Jones?

    One President “champions”, the other President “touts”.

    And it sounds like you’re hoping I never get the $200 discount coupon. And, if I do, it’s just “crumbs”.

    There’s news in that article, why surround it with bile?

    Just write the article then go outside and scream at the sky.

  • On 07/24/2020, Trump in a televised signing ceremony signed 4 documents on healthcare. In the video of signing these documents, he held one back from filing to give the drug companies to come up with a plan to lower costs by August 24, 2020, said he probably wouldn’t have to file it and if they did not he would filed the document on August 25th. He received no communicationfrim the drug companies. He did not file the signed document on August 25th as stated in the video. The White House listed his Executive Orders but none showed his signature. (I have copies of the 3 signed documents but not the one he held back.) The one entitled “Executive Order on Lowering Drug Prices by Putting America First” was listed twice. The actual Executive Order signed on the 24th of July showed as the second document under that date. The first document of the same name was listed as the first document. I printed out both, proof-read them and found the first document listed had deleted paragraphs, words substituted and additional pparagraph; one which revoked the one signed on July 24, 2020.
    I checked the Federal Register of Executive Orders signed and filed by Trump. What I found was the above-named documents were both filed on September 13, 2020. If you compare these 2 documents you will see that the originally signed document of the 24th and the changed one. There has been no mention of this fact by either Trump or the White house. Why? If you need copies, I can provide them.

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