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WASHINGTON — The last time a president used an obscure law to spend billions of Medicare dollars without congressional approval, Republican lawmakers called it a political ploy, a technicality, a way to write a “blank check” to help win an election. They launched investigations and issued subpoenas.

But that was when President Obama was in charge. Now, it’s President Trump who’s using the same little-known Medicare law for a maneuver that even some Republicans admit is more brazen than Obama’s attempt. And so far, Republicans are silent.

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  • I’m 64 I haven’t seen my family or friends in 6 months because it would risk my life
    I’d like to be able to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with them cooking & being together But this president won’t stop lying he won’t stop undermining the public health measures that control the virus & he won t stop holding superspreader events so the virus continues to spread and sicken and kill.
    Somehow this is a benefit to Donald Trump but it has ruined everybody else’s life that is those of us who weren’t already killed by it My son had it in April and he is still sick he s only 32

    this president is of such low character that he dares to offer $200 to people whose lives he’s needlessly destroyed if he controlled the virus we would all be safer happier and have a future to look forward to If I get one of these cards I’ll sell it online and donate whatever I get for it to the Biden campaign

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