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WASHINGTON — Not only has he lowered drug prices, President Trump claimed in the first 15 minutes of Tuesday’s debate — but he has helped lower the price of insulin, specifically, so that it is so cheap that it’s “like water.”

In reality, insulin still retails for roughly $300 a vial. Most patients with diabetes need two to three vials per month, and some can require much more.

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  • Everything the trump administration try’s to do for Americans the Democrats fight to stop alot of these Democrats need to be removed from Congress for being anti American

  • The fact that the President is trying to get things done for diabetics is a great thing in itself. It seems that those article mentioned the Courts have stopped some of his efforts to reduce costs. If people could get past their hate for the man, and at least acknowledge his efforts, maybe a little cooperation could lower insulin costs. President Trump does come up with good ideas once in a while, and just to dismiss his efforts out of hatred is wrong, and ultimately unproductive.

    • In his position…uh…leader of the free world, I can assure you, he could get insulin prices lowered immediately if he truly wanted to. He is cagey, waiting to see how any of it could benefit him or hurt him getting reelected. Right now, he needs big pharma on his side. So he talks the talk to his base (“insulin is like water” at the debates) and walks the walk w/big pharma while we still have super high insulin costs. please don’t be naive with him…he is super calculating in every move he makes. Also, don’t forget, nov 10th is when arguments begin on the Affordable Care Act w/the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court abolishes the ACA, pre existing conditions like T1d will no longer be covered. Again, Trump said at the debates that he will protect pre-existing conditions but he wants ACA abolished with no other plan presented. he’s playing wack-a-mole hoping no one will notice. Talking the talk while walking the walk…pay attention.

    • Trump is trying, he wanted pharmacies to show the price of all drugs advertised. A Liberal Federal Judge (Obama appointed) blocked it. Trump has tried many times to get Pelosi to put limits on drug prices in the budget, but she refuses to do it because it would make Trump look good. But they have money in the budget to give to NPR (National Public Radio) and the Kennedy Center. Pelosi wants to give 1 Trillion to states for the rioting, the damage that the states allowed to happen by not enforcing the laws. One Trillion dollars would give EVERY (man, woman, child) in this country 3,030 dollars. So the Dems want to reward the Dem Leaders of Dem States for their stupid decisions, and YOU, and I are going to pay for it. Are you starting to understand how the Dems think yet?

  • I beg to differ Presadent Trump has lowered Insulin my husband had to quit taking VICTOSA BECAUSEIT COST OVER 1000.00 DOLLARS A MONTH . And if you don’t have insurance your suit out of luck.

  • If you read the article you would know Trump is full of hot air:
    “In reality, insulin still retails for roughly $300 a vial. Most patients with diabetes need two to three vials per month, and some can require much more.”

    • Hey Nick below, How’s your A1-C? I want your plan, ACA saved me money and it got more expensive after Trump. Do you have type 1 or type 2? How many vials do you use, what type of inulin? As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of variable when it come to this conversation.

  • Not true –the lowering of insulin by all 4 manufacturers Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi and Mannkind started a year ago before COVID-19 started.
    Help with insulin from all four insulin manufacturers is now available. Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Sanofi and Mannkind all have expanded affordability options available. Follow-on brand (also called authorized generics) from Novo and Lilly are available at 50 percent off the list price of the name brand. Help is available whether you have insurance or not, the companies can guide you on your best options by calling the numbers below.
    Novo Nordisk Insulins call: 1-884-668-6463
    Eli Lilly Insulins call: 1-883-808-1234
    Sanofi Insulins call: 1-833-813-0190
    Mannkind Afrezza call: 1- 818-661-5000

    This is not just because of COVID-19 -this started after Trump came into office something he promised in 2016.

  • I wish it was just $300 a vile. Prices on diabetic meds have tripled my husband is on a Medicare advantage plan . Recently one of his meds went from $47.00 to $604 for same script guess what we cannot afford this and his other meds. Trumps statements are misleading there are different types oh insulin and the same the one he is referring to has been available through Walmart at that price for years. Please research don’t just take for granted the facts speak for themselves

  • “In reality, insulin still retails for roughly $300 a vial. Most patients with diabetes need two to three vials per month, and some can require much more.”

    In reality, there are insulin products (ex. R,N,NPH) that retail for about $25 at your local Wal-Mart for their Relion brand versus about $180 for Novo Nordisk’s Novolin brand. Novo manufactures both and they are the same product. The reason Wal-Mart can sell it for this price is two fold. The actual drug cost is around $2.00; and Wal-Mart has a long standing contract, with a loop hole, that allows them to resell their labeled product to others, undercutting the manufacturer. That is a great story. However, the real story is why there are no “generics” or why has the price continued to inflate around 6-10% yearly until there was some scrutiny and public lash back. Funny, at a cost of about $2.00, Trump was right in a way. Insulin cost is like the cost of water, albeit at convenience store prices.

    • Many diabetics can’t use the type of insulin that Walmart carries that you mention, it is ineffective for their type of diabetes. There are different types of insulin, short term, long term, and mid term. And many diabetics need multiple types of insulin. Falling back on “Cheap insulin at walmart!” shows you do not understand the needs of diabetic patients.

  • He didn’t mean his price lowering made it “cheap like water” he meant it is inexpensive to manufacture, therefore it is plentiful, therefore it should not cost a mortgage for a supply. I am sure he wants to lower the price even more. Why can’t people understand this? I got it.

    • That’s what I got from that too. I was happy a president who actually follows through on things to the best of his ability was finally mentioning the insane cost of insulin and how it affects families’ financial stability. I was glad he was bringing attention to the fact that it is so reasonably inexpensive in other countries and not here. Sounded to me he is ready to try to do something about it. Then I see all these comments insinuating he claims it’s already inexpensive here. I just didn’t get that message from what he said. I’m thinking I need to go back and listen to his response again because I thought it was positive.

    • Why would someone think he was talking about manufacturing costs when he clearly was not? What he said was “I’m getting it so cheap it’s like water.” Which is great for him, I guess, but apparently not for the people who need it, because their prices aren’t going down.

    • The price of Humalog insulin has not gone down. I require 3 bottles per month. The cost, without insurance is $900 per month. For an affliction I can not prevent or cure. I have been using insulin for 42 years with the current Humalog for the last 15. Why no generic and why do my costs go up continually for the last 5 years? BTW, I pay around 3.00 a month for bottled water.(Costco) and I don’t care what it costs to produce insulin. I care that I have to pay over $10,000 a year just for one piece of what literally keeps me alive. If I don’t take it, I’ll be dead within 3 days. No joke. Doesn’t that just seem wrong? My actually cost to maintain my Type 1 diabetes is roughly $20,000 per year out of pocket.

      I am not qualified for Medicare Type B as I am too young. Most people on Medicare Type B do not require insulin as most people have Type 2. Trump is trying to spin something that is pretty inconsequential as a major success. And He doesn’t really even know what he’s talking about. His Chief of staff once said that people with diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, should have to deal with it because it was a consequence of choice they haver made. He didn’t even take the time to look it up because it might have science in it and can’t be trusted.

  • Insulin, in reality, is not as cheap as water. My grandson has type 1 DM. His parents have to budget $470 monthly for insulin. This is not temporary. This will have to happen every month for the rest of his life. Please can we come up with a plan so he and his parents can survive?

    • Hey Marla! I’m also a Type 1 for the better half of 30 years, those costs @ 470/mo are a bit higher than what I’ve seen. The only real advice I have which can help are these: 1. LOW CARB DIETING! Get that daily intake down, it not only reduces fat production and weight gain but will improve insulin resistance and reduce chances of heart disease, keep that A1C below 7.2!! 2. Be willing to change manufacturers, yes type of insulin plays a role, but your body will adjust accordingly, timing is the big key here as insulins work at all speeds. I am in no way saying that you switch the type of insulin (long,short,mid) but go for the generics that have the same time window (often 20-40 min fast acting & a 22-24 hr long term window, products like Lantus or novalog) they tend to be cheaper, 3. Order directly online, a lot of companies will mail you your supplies and allow you to order multiple months worth, to reduce the amount of delivers you receive annually, the best part is the manufacturers with COVID-19 are giving significant discounts. 4. If your going to pay big, pay it on insurance. Most people fail to meet their annual deductible and receive no return or discount at the end of the year. By going with higher premiums your deductible amount will drop and hopefully fall into a position where you can meet it before the half way mark on your insurance policy, this way you can recoup the losses on the back half of the year. 5. Make sure everything they use annually is covered by your policy, be willing to look for policies in other towns, the drive may be a pain but saving money makes it all worth the effort.

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