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WASHINGTON — Rick Bright, the Trump administration vaccine expert turned whistleblower, resigned from the federal government Tuesday, according to a press release from his lawyer.

Bright, who headed the powerful Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, was abruptly reassigned in April to a lesser position at the National Institutes of Health. Bright has alleged he was moved after raising concerns about the Trump administration’s response to Covid-19 and nepotism within the Department of Health and Human Services. In May, he filed a formal whistleblower complaint against his former employer.


In an amended whistleblower complaint filed Tuesday, Bright said that he had only been given one assignment since being assigned to the NIH, which is now complete.

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  • When will Drs Fauci and Birx resign or will they continue to hold onto their jobs… Rick Bright should have been the entire Public Health leadership. Rather, they chose to be complicit because it was the easier way out, while their acquiescence to Trump politics led to more deaths… Hate to say this, but it was a team project and everyone gets the same grade. And human lives were at sake.

    Rick Bright did the right thing to speak up, just wish he wasn’t alone… because more lives would have been saved.

  • We have a Trumpashenko running the place. He actually believes in himself and his thoughts, rather than science; like bin Laden, he dismisses (not shoots yet) non-believers, fills gov’t with yes-men/women; denigrates the position with his behavior and language much to the delight of his rogue core; is a lousy businessman and has methodically thrown out bogus comments to generate distrust in the entire electoral system. What has happened to the US and why is it being allowed? He’s trampling on the Constitution and principals who can resist are not collaborating a focused resistance in lieu of each running around and publicizing his/her own political theology.

  • Dr. Bright has unfortunately risked it all and has paid the price with his career, and good reputation. Dr. Bright could have chosen to remain quite and be complicit, but at great risk he instead stirred the pot with the unvarnished truth. If the public needs more proof that Trump and his administrations mo is bent on misleading the American public, here you go. Years from now, Dr. Bright will certainly be acknowledged as courageous and self sacrificing, following in only a few of the really great men’s footsteps.

  • From April on, I had hoped and expect the NIH to take a leadership role in getting studies put together and completed. I also emailed and asked that they start on combination trials, including trials of two antivirals together. Nothing happened and I have to wonder if the medical staff that I email just sat on their hands, fearing that if they took initiative, that they would lose their job, or, perhaps, there was no funds to support studies.

  • There are virtually no federal staffers that will speak the truth about what is going on with Trump. Thank you for speaking out about the mentally ill Trump.
    Vote to get this dreadful person out.

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